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USC Launches Liver Disease Study as Part of $50.3 Million “Multi-Omics” Consortium

[University of South Carolina] The Keck School of Medicine of University of South Carolina (USC) has received funding from the National Institutes of Health as part of a five-year, $50.3 million “multi-omics” study of human health and disease involving six sites.

A Robust Deep Learning Workflow to Predict CD8+ T Cell Epitopes

[Genome Medicine] The authors developed TRAP (T-cell recognition potential of HLA-I presented peptides), a robust deep learning workflow for predicting CD8 T cell epitopes from MHC-I presented pathogenic and self-peptides.

Targeted Nanocarriers for Systemic Delivery of IRAK4 Inhibitors to Inflamed Tissues

[Small] The delivered IRAK4 inhibitor markedly abated inflammation and dramatically suppresses paw edema, mitigated colitis symptoms, and reduced proinflammatory cytokine levels in the affected tissues.

Myo9b Mutations Are Associated with Altered Dendritic Cell Functions and Increased Susceptibility to Autoimmune Diabetes Onset

[Nature Communications] Scientists showed that dendritic cells in ALR mice had impaired migratory and T cell priming capability. Genomic comparative analysis maps a 33-bp deletion in the ALR Myosin IXb (Myo9b) gene when compared with NOD genome.

Alterations of Milk Oligosaccharides in Mothers with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Impede Colonization of Beneficial Bacteria and Development of RORγt+ Treg Cell-Mediated Immune Tolerance in...

[Gut Microbes] Experiments in gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) mouse models indicated that decreased contents of milk oligosaccharides in GDM maternal mice reduced colonization of bacteria in the neonatal gut, which impeded development of RORγt+ Treg cell-mediated immune tolerance.

Externalized Histones Fuel Pulmonary Fibrosis via a Platelet-Macrophage Circuit of TGFβ1 and Il-27

[Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America] Histones activated platelets to release TGFβ1, which signaled through the TGFbRI/TGFbRII receptor complex on LysM+ cells to antagonize macrophage-derived IL-27 production.

A Tryptophan Metabolite Made by a Gut Microbiome Eukaryote Induces Pro-Inflammatory T Cells

[EMBO Journal] Experiments shone a new light on the ability of the protist microbiome and tryptophan metabolites, derived from them or other sources, to modulate the adaptive immune compartment, particularly in the context of gut inflammatory disorders.

Low Dietary Fiber Intake Impairs Small Intestinal Th17 and Intraepithelial T Cell Development Over Generations

[Cell Reports] Researchers restored T cell development with dietary fiber supplementation, but this defect became persistent over generations with constant low-fiber diets.

Immunosuppressive CD29+ Treg Accumulation in the Liver in Mice on Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy

[Gut] Flow cytometry and single-cell RNA sequencing were used to characterise hepatic Tregs before and after immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy.

Divergent Roles for STAT4 in Shaping Differentiation of Cytotoxic ILC1 and Nk Cells during Gut Inflammation

[Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America] By combining genetic and transcriptomic approaches, scientists uncovered divergent roles for STAT4 in regulating effector differentiation of these two functionally related cell types.

Membrane Organization by Tetraspanins and Galectins Shapes Lymphocyte Function

[Nature Reviews Immunology] Scientists advocate for a novel approach to study lymphocyte function by globally analysing the role of membrane organizers in the assembly of different membrane complexes, and discuss opportunities to develop therapeutic approaches that act via the modulation of membrane organization.

Versatile Roles of Innate Lymphoid Cells at the Mucosal Barrier: From Homeostasis to Pathological Inflammation

[Experimental & Molecular Medicine] The authors discuss recent advances regarding our understanding of the biology of innate lymphoid cells in mucosal tissue health and disease.

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