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    Cancer Stem Cell News 1.01 December 19, 2012


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    The Isolation and Characterization of Renal Cancer Initiating Cells from Human Wilms’ Tumor Xenografts Unveils New Therapeutic Targets
    The existence of cancer initiating cells/cancer stem cells (CIC/CSC) in pediatric solid tumors is currently unclear. Here, researchers showed the successful propagation of primary human Wilms’ tumor, a common pediatric renal malignancy, in immunodeficient mice, demonstrating the presence of a population of highly proliferative CIC/CSCs capable of serial xenograft initiation. [EMBO Mol Med]
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    Capture and Stimulated Release of Circulating Tumor Cells on Polymer-Grafted Silicon Nanostructures
    A platform for capture and release of circulating tumor cells is demonstrated by utilizing polymer grafted silicon nanowires. In this platform, integration of ligand-receptor recognition, nanostructure amplification, and thermal responsive polymers enables a highly efficient and selective capture of cancer cells. Subsequently, these captured cells are released upon a physical stimulation with outstanding cell viability. [Adv Mater] Abstract | Press Release

    Reactive Oxygen Species-Induced Autophagic Degradation of Helicobacter pylori CagA Is Specifically Suppressed in Cancer Stem-Like Cells
    Findings provide a molecular link between Helicobacter pylori and gastric carcinogenesis through the specific accumulation of CagA in gastric cancer stem-like cells. [Cell Host Microbe] Abstract

    Acute B Lymphoblastic Leukemia-Propagating Cells Are Present at High Frequency in Diverse Lymphoblast Populations
    Scientists demonstrated in a wide range of primary patient samples and patient samples previously passaged through mice that leukemia-propagating cells are found in all populations defined by high or low expression of the lymphoid differentiation markers CD10, CD20 or CD34. The frequency of leukemia-propagating cells and their engraftment kinetics do not differ between these populations. [EMBO Mol Med] Abstract | Full Article

    Contrasting Hypoxic Effects on Breast Cancer Stem Cell Hierarchy Is Dependent on ERα Status
    Anti-angiogenic therapies show some therapeutic potential with increased disease free survival but these initial promising results are short lived and followed by tumor progression. Researchers hypothesized that this may be due to altered cancer stem cell (CSC) activity resulting from increased tumor hypoxia. They studied the effects of hypoxia on CSC activity, using in vitro mammosphere and holoclone assays as well as in vivo limiting dilution experiments, in 13 patient-derived samples and four cell lines. [Cancer Res] Abstract

    ΔNp63α Mediated Activation of Bone Morphogenetic Protein Signaling Governs Stem Cell Activity and Plasticity in Normal and Malignant Mammary Epithelial Cells
    The authors reported that ΔNp63α activates BMP signaling by inducing the expression of BMP7. Suppression of BMP signaling in vitro with LDN193189, a small molecule inhibitor of BMP Type I Receptor kinases, represses clonogenicity and diminishes the cancer stem cell enriched ALDH1+ population. [Cancer Res] Abstract

    ROCK1 Inhibition Promotes the Self-Renewal of a Novel Mouse Mammary Cancer Stem Cell
    Researchers report the propagation of highly enriched mouse mammary cancer stem cells that retain the potential to differentiate both in vivo and in culture and their use to identify chemical compounds that influence both self-renewal and differentiation. [Stem Cells] Abstract

    Cathepsin B and uPAR Regulate Self-Renewal of Glioma-Initiating Cells through GLI-Regulated Sox2 and Bmi1 Expression
    Researchers investigated the role of uPAR and cathepsin B in the maintenance of stem cell nature in glioma initiating cells. [Carcinogenesis] Abstract

    Long-Term Tumor Regression Induced by an Antibody-Drug Conjugate that Targets 5T4, an Oncofetal Antigen Expressed on Tumor-Initiating Cells
    Investigators sought to develop a novel antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) that targets 5T4, an oncofetal antigen expressed on tumor-initiating cells, which comprise the most aggressive cell population in the tumor. They optimized an anti-5T4 ADC by sulfydryl-based conjugation of the humanized A1 antibody to the tubulin inhibitor monomethylauristatin F via a maleimidocaproyl linker. [Mol Cancer Ther] Abstract

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    Helicobacter pylori Infection Induced Gastric Cancer; Advance in Gastric Stem Cell Research and the Remaining Challenges
    Advance in gastric cancer stem cell markers such as CD44, CD90, CD133, Musashi-1 reveal novel information on tumor cell behavior and disease progression implicated for therapeutics. The authors review recent progress and discuss future research directions in these important research fields. [Gut Pathog] Abstract | Full Article


    Oncomatrix Signs an Agreement with the University of Stuttgart to Develop New Drugs for Treating Tumor Metastases
    Oncomatrix has signed an agreement with the University of Stuttgart to develop new drugs with tumor targeted activity. This partnership will allow the development of immunoconjugates able to attack the cells involved in metastasis in invasive breast and pancreas cancers. [Business Wire] Press Release

    AstraZeneca and Isis Pharmaceuticals Form Strategic Alliance on RNA Therapeutics for Cancer
    AstraZeneca and Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced a strategic alliance for the discovery and development of novel generation antisense therapeutics against five cancer targets. [AstraZeneca]
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