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    2021-08-11 | CSCN 10.31

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    Vol. 10.31 – 11 August, 2021

    A CD10-OGP Membrane Peptolytic Signaling Axis in Fibroblasts Regulates Lipid Metabolism of Cancer Stem Cells via SCD1

    Scientists demonstrated that the CD10 transmembrane hydrolase expressed on a subset of carcinoma-associated fibroblasts supported tumor stemness and induced chemoresistance.
    [Advanced Science]

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    A Small Molecule Strategy for Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in Hypoxic Microenvironments and Preventing Tumorigenesis

    The authors reported a small molecule construct, AzCDF, that allowed the therapeutic targeting of breast CSCs and which was effective in normally refractory hypoxic tumor environments.
    [Journal of the American Chemical Society]

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    Empty Spiracles Homeobox Genes EMX1 and EMX2 Regulate WNT Pathway Activation in Sarcomagenesis

    Bioinformatic analysis, quantitative mRNA and protein expression analysis, cell models of sarcoma by ectopic expression of EMX genes. Researchers measured tumorigenesis and populations enriched on stem cell phenotypes, either in vitro or in vivo.
    [Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research]

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    5α-Epoxyalantolactone Inhibits Metastasis of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells by Covalently Binding a Conserved Cysteine of Annexin A2

    A natural product 5α-epoxyalantolactone (5α-EAL) was discovered as an anti-breast CSCs lead compound 5α-EAL was found to be able to notably suppress the function of ANXA2 by covalently targeting cysteine 9 of ANXA2.
    [Journal of Medicinal Chemistry]

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    LncRNA DUXAP10 Up-Regulation and the Hedgehog Pathway Activation Are Critically Involved in Chronic Cadmium Exposure-Induced Cancer Stem Cell-Like Property

    Cadmium (Cd)-induced malignant transformation of human bronchial epithelia BEAS-2B cells was accomplished by a nine-month low dose Cd exposure. The Cd-exposed cells formed significantly more colonies in soft agar, displayed CSC-like properties and formed tumors in nude mice.
    [Toxicological Sciences]


    Bazedoxifene Inhibits Sustained STAT3 Activation and Increases Survival in GBM

    Scientists identified a novel mechanism of biphasic activation of STAT3 in response to gp130-linked cytokines, including interleukin-6 (IL6), in which activation of STAT3 was prolonged by circumventing the negative regulatory mechanisms induced by its initial activation
    [Translational Oncology]


    Expression of Cancer Stem Cell Markers in Tall Cell Variant Papillary Thyroid Cancer Identifies a Molecular Profile Predictive of Recurrence in Classic Papillary Thyroid Cancer

    Expression of CSC markers was examined in 572 thyroid tumors from The Cancer Genome Atlas Thyroid Cancer database and tall cell variant and papillary thyroid carcinoma tumors by immunohistochemistry.


    ONECUT2 Which Is Targeted by Hsa-miR-15a-5p Enhances Stemness Maintenance of Gastric Cancer Stem Cells

    The authors demonstrated significant overexpression of ONECUT2 and down-regulation of hsa-miR-15a-5p in gastric cancer via bioinformatics analysis and in vitro assays.
    [Experimental Biology and Medicine]


    Molecular Characterization of AEBP1 at Transcriptional Level in Glioma

    Three datasets were used to perform the analysis to search for the key genes related to glioma stem cell, temozolomide resistance, and prognosis. The key gene for further research was selected by reviewing the previous studies.
    [Biomed Research International]

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    Polymeric Nanomedicines Targeting Hematological Malignancies

    Scientists highlight recent advance in targeted polymeric nanoformulations that are coated with varying ligands and loaded with different therapeutic agents for directing to distinct targets in hematological malignancies.
    [Journal of Controlled Release]

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    Metabostemness in Cancer: Linking Metaboloepigenetics and Mitophagy in Remodeling Cancer Stem Cells

    The acquisition of stemness in CSCs has been accomplished through genetic and epigenetic rewiring following the metabolic switch.
    [Stem Cell Reviews and Reports]

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    Castle Biosciences Collaborates with the Melanoma Research Foundation

    Castle Biosciences, Inc. announced its continued collaboration with the Melanoma Research Foundation, a non-profit organization leading the melanoma community to transform melanoma from one of the deadliest cancers to one of the most treatable through research, education and advocacy.
    [Castle Biosciences, Inc.]

    Press Release

    Trillium Therapeutics Announces Dosing of First Patient in Phase Ib/II Study of TTI-622 in Combination with Azacitidine in TP53-Mutated Acute Myeloid Leukemia

    Trillium Therapeutics, Inc. announced that it has dosed the first TP53-mutated acute myeloid leukemia patient with TTI-622, an investigational checkpoint inhibitor of the innate immune system, in combination with azacitidine.
    [Trillium Therapeutics, Inc.]

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    December 2, 2021

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    Research Scientist – Cancer Immunotherapy Drug Discovery

    Incyte – Wilmington, Delaware, United States

    Postdoctoral Fellow – Glioma Stem Cells

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    PhD Student – Stem Cell Biology in Intestinal Tumorigenesis

    Philipps University of Marburg – Marburg, Germany

    Postdoctoral Fellow – Prostate Cancer

    The University of British Columbia – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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