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    2021-11-03 | CSCN 10.43

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    Vol. 10.43 – 3 November, 2021

    A Novel lncRNA ROPM-Mediated Lipid Metabolism Governs Breast Cancer Stem Cell Properties

    Researchers highlighted that lncROPM and its target PLA2G16 played crucial roles in sustaining breast CSC (BCSC) properties and might serve as a biomarker for BCSCs or other cancer stem cells.
    [Journal of Hematology & Oncology]

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    ARSD, a Novel ERα Downstream Target Gene, Inhibits Proliferation and Migration of Breast Cancer Cells via Activating Hippo/YAP Pathway

    Scientists found a set of hormone-responsive lineage-specific transcription factors, FOXA1, GATA3, ERα, directly drove high expression of arylsulfatase D (ARSD) through chromatin looping in luminal subtype breast cancer cells.
    [Cell Death & Disease]

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    PERK Signaling through C/EBPδ Contributes to ER Stress-Induced Expression of Immunomodulatory and Tumor Promoting Chemokines by Cancer Cells

    The PERK pathway inhibited global protein synthesis while allowing translation of specific mRNAs, such as the ATF4 transcription factor.
    [Cell Death & Disease]

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    TCOF1 Upregulation in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Promotes Stemness and Tumor Growth and Correlates with Poor Prognosis

    Researchers demonstrated that KIT was a downstream effector of TCOF1 in mediating triple-negative breast cancer stemness.
    [British Journal of Cancer]

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    Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Reveals the Epithelial Cell Heterogeneity and Invasive Subpopulation in Human Bladder Cancer

    Investigators applied droplet-based single-cell RNA sequencing to acquire transcriptional profiles of 36 619 single cells isolated from seven patients.
    [International Journal of Cancer]


    Stemness and Immune Evasion Conferred by TDO2-AHR Pathway Are Associated with Liver Metastasis of Colon Cancer

    Scientists carried out systematic analyses of metabolites in patient-derived colorectal cancer spheroids, and identified high levels of kynurenine and TDO2 that were positively associated with liver metastasis.
    [Cancer Science]


    LncRNA ASAP1-IT1 Enhances Cancer Cell Stemness via Regulating miR-509-3p/YAP1 Axis in NSCLC

    The authors investigated the role of ASAP1 Intronic Transcript 1 (ASAP1-IT1) in cancer cell stemness of non-small cell lung cancer.
    [Cancer Cell International]

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    Development of Accurate Temperature Regulation Culture System with Metallic Culture Vessel Demonstrates Different Thermal Cytotoxicity in Cancer and Normal Cells

    Scientists developed a culture system regulating culture temperature immediately and accurately by employing metallic culture vessels. Michigan Cancer Foundation-7 cells and normal human dermal fibroblasts were used for models of cancer and normal cells.
    [Scientific Reports]

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    SOX12 Promotes Stem Cell-Like Phenotypes and Osteosarcoma Tumor Growth by Upregulating JAGGED1

    SOX12 plays a role in promoting the growth of some tumors; however, its role in osteosarcoma remains unclear. Researchers performed in vitro and in vivo assays to determine SOX12 function in osteosarcoma etiology.
    [Stem Cells International]

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    The Induction of a Mesenchymal Phenotype by Platelet Cloaking of Cancer Cells Is a Universal Phenomenon

    The interaction between cancer cells and platelets was examined in 15 epithelial cell lines, representing 7 cancer types. Gene expression analysis of epithelial mesenchymal transition-associated and cancer stemness genes was performed by RT-PCR.
    [Translational Oncology]

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    Survey results on the insights and hurdles of CRISPR genome editing.

    Integrins Regulate Stemness in Solid Tumor: An Emerging Therapeutic Target

    Scientists discuss the integrin signalosome with a highlight of a few key pro-oncogenic pathways elicited by integrins, and uncover the mutational and transcriptomic landscape of integrin-encoding genes across human cancers.
    [Journal of Hematology & Oncology]

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    Cell Biology Meets Cell Metabolism: Energy Production Is Similar in Stem Cells and in Cancer Stem Cells in Brain and Bone Marrow

    The authors review recent literature on energy production in glioblastoma stem cells and leukemic stem cells versus their normal counterparts, neural stem cells and hematopoietic stem cells, respectively.
    [Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry]

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    Sorrento’s License Partner, Lee’s Pharmaceutical Announces NDA Filing Acceptance by NMPA for Anti-PD-L1 Antibody Socazolimab for Treatment of Recurrent or Metastatic Cervical Cancer

    Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. has submitted a NDA for the anti-PD-L1 antibody, socazolimab, licensed from Sorrento to China Oncology Focus, Ltd. for the greater China territory to treat recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer. The NDA application has been accepted by China NMPA.
    [Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc.]

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    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Memphis, Tennessee, United States

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    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – Los Angeles, California, United States

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