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2021-12-01 | CSCN 10.47

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Vol. 10.47 – 1 December, 2021

Aptamer-Mediated Doxorubicin Delivery Reduces HCC Burden in 3D Organoids Model

Researchers developed a specific aptamer against epithelial cell adhesion molecule and tested its potential as a drug delivery agent for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).
[Journal of Controlled Release]

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Chemotoxicity-Induced Exosomal lncFERO Regulates Ferroptosis and Stemness in Gastric Cancer Stem Cells

Investigators showed that stearoyl-CoA-desaturase played a key role in regulating lipid metabolism and ferroptosis in gastric cancer stem cells.
[Cell Death & Disease]

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Elevated ATGL in Colon Cancer Cells and Cancer Stem Cells Promotes Metabolic and Tumorigenic Reprogramming Reinforced by Obesity

Elevated adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) levels in human colon cancer cells relative to non-transformed were augmented by an obesity mediator, oleic acid.

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NIR Irradiation Enhances the Apoptotic Potentiality of Quinacrine-Gold Hybrid Nanoparticles by Modulation of HSP-70 in Oral Cancer Stem Cells

Using in vitro oral squamous cell carcinoma CSCs and in vivo xenograft mice model, the authors systematically studied the apoptotic potentiality of Quinacrine-gold hybrid nanoparticle and its underlying mechanism after near-infrared radiation (NIR) irradiation.
[Nanomedicine-Nanotechnology Biology and Medicine]

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Spatial Heterogeneity of Invading Glioblastoma Cells Regulated by Paracrine Factors

Scientists observed spatially heterogeneous glioblastoma cell populations emerge from an isogenic clonal population of glioma-initiating cells during invasion into a 3D collagen hydrogel in a microfluidic device.
[Tissue Engineering Part A]


Targeting Alpha-2,3-Sialylated Glycan in Glioma Stem-Like Cells by Maackia amurensis Lectin-II: A Promising Strategy for Glioma Treatment

Researchers established a new glioma stem-like cell, named U373-GSC, from the U373 glioma cell line. The cells exhibited stemness properties such as the expression of stem cell markers, self-renewal activity, multi-lineage differentiating abilities, and drug resistance.
[Experimental Cell Research]


MiR-342-3p Inhibits LCSC Oncogenicity and Cell Stemness through HDAC7/PTEN Axis

miR-342-3p overexpression in liver CSCs (LCSC) led to lower tumor volume, reduced tumor spheroid formation, and agar colony formation rates, as well as lower mRNA and protein expressions of CD44, ALDH1, Bmi1, Sox2, and Oct4.
[Inflammation Research]


pERK-Mediated IL8 Secretion Can Enhance the Migration, Invasion, and Cisplatin Resistance of CD10-Positive Oral Cancer Cells

Scientists hypothesized that IL8 may have regulated migration, invasion, and cisplatin resistance of CD10-positive oral cancer cells through the ERK pathway.
[BMC Cancer]

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Survey results on the needs and challenges in the human pluripotent stem cell field

Targeting the Metabolism of Cancer Stem Cells by Energy Disruptor Molecules

Investigators highlight the differences between regular cancer cells and CSC metabolism and discuss the action mechanisms of energy disruptors at the cellular and molecular levels.
[Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology]

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Advances in Glioma-Associated Oncogene (GLI) Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy

The authors review direct and indirect inhibitors of GLI and summarize the abundant active structurally diverse natural GLI inhibitors.
[Investigational New Drugs]



Kura Oncology Provides Update on Phase Ib Study of KO-539 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Kura Oncology, Inc. announced that the US FDA has placed the KOMET-001 Phase Ib study of KO-539 in patients with relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia on a partial clinical hold following the company’s recent report of a Grade 5 serious adverse event potentially associated with differentiation syndrome.
[Kura Oncology, Inc.]

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International Collaboration Secures €1M Grant to Investigate New Treatment Target for Lymphoma

An international collaboration involving researchers from Queen Mary University of London, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has secured a €1M research grant from Dutch blood cancer charity, Lymph&Co, to investigate a new treatment target for lymphoma.
[News Medical Life Sciences]

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AACR: Targeting RAS

January 7 – 10, 2022
Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States

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