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    2022-10-12 | CSCN 11.37

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    Vol. 11.37 – 12 October, 2022

    Common Anti-Cancer Therapies Induce Somatic Mutations in Stem Cells of Healthy Tissue

    Scientists examined genome-wide somatic mutation patterns in 42 healthy adult stem cells (ASCs) of the colon or the liver from 14 cancer patients that received systemic chemotherapy and/or local radiotherapy.
    [Nature Communications]

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    Targeting Integrin α2 as Potential Strategy for Radiochemosensitization of Glioblastoma

    Investigators addressed the role of adhesion protein integrin α2, which was identified in a high-throughput screen for novel potential targets in glioblastoma cells treated with standard therapy consisting of temozolomide and radiation.

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    Aberrant Phosphorylation Inactivates Numb in Breast Cancer Causing Expansion of the Stem Cell Pool

    Researchers showed that asymmetric Numb partitioning per se is insufficient for the proper control of mammary stem cell dynamics, with differential phosphorylation and functional inactivation of Numb in the two progeny also required.
    [Journal of Cell Biology]


    Cancer Stem Cell Antigen Nanodisc Cocktail Elicits Anti-Tumor Immune Responses in Melanoma

    Scientists identified novel immunogenic peptide epitopes derived from CSC-associated Sox2 and Nanog, and synthesized synthetic high-density lipoprotein nanodisc vaccine formulated with Sox2, Nanog, and aldehyde dehydrogenase antigen peptides together with CpG, a Toll-like receptor 9 agonist.
    [Journal of Controlled Release]

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    Single-Cell Dissection of Remodeled Inflammatory Ecosystem in Primary and Metastatic Gallbladder Carcinoma

    Investigators validated significant overexpression of PLA2G2A across in situ gallbladder carcinoma (GBC) cells, together with increased proliferation and cancer stemness in PLA2G2A-overexpressing GBC cells, indicating an important role for PLA2G2A during early carcinogenesis.
    [Cell Discovery]

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    A MYC-ZNF148-ID1/3 Regulatory Axis Modulating Cancer Stem Cell Traits in Aggressive Breast Cancer

    Scientists identified the zinc finger transcription factor 148 (ZNF148) as a direct target of the MYC proto-oncogene (MYC). ZNF148 suppressed cell proliferation and migration and was transcriptionally repressed by MYC in breast cancer.

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    TWEAK-Fn14-RelB Signaling Cascade Promotes Stem Cell-Like Features that Contribute to Post-Chemotherapy Ovarian Cancer Relapse

    Researchers found that TNF-like weak inducer of apoptosis (TWEAK) and its receptor, Fn14, were strong inducers of alternative NF-κB signaling, and were enriched in ovarian tumors after chemotherapy treatment. TWEAK in combination with chemotherapy induced expression of the CSC marker CD117 in CD117- cells.
    [Molecular Cancer Research]

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    High Throughput-Screening of Native Herbal Compounds Identifies Taccaoside a as a Cytotoxic Compound that Mediates RAS Signaling in Cancer Stem Cells

    Several putative cytotoxic compounds were evaluated for their cytotoxic effects on glioma stem cells, cancer cell lines, and immortalized cells using a variety of methods to study cell proliferation, cell death, DNA damage, mitochondrial membrane changes, and tumor formation in vitro.

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    MicroRNA-6838-5p Suppresses the Self-Renewal and Metastasis of Human Liver Cancer Stem Cells through Downregulating CBX4 Expression and Inactivating ERK Signaling

    Human hepatocellular carinoma (HCC) cohort analysis indicated that the epigenetic regulator polycomb chromobox homologue 4 (CBX4) was overexpressed in human HCC. Scientists found that CBX4 expression was significantly higher in CD44+ CD133+Hep3B CSCs.
    [Biological Chemistry]


    Identification of the Polyether Ionophore Lenoremycin through a New Screening Strategy for Targeting Cancer Stem Cells

    To identify candidate compounds targeting CSCs, investigators established a new screening strategy with colorectal CSC spheres and non-CSC spheres in a 3D culture system. They identified polyether cation ionophores that selectively inhibited CSC sphere formation.
    [Journal of Antibiotics]

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    Mitigating Acute Chemotherapy-Associated Adverse Events in Patients with Cancer

    The authors review the most common acute chemotherapy-associated adverse events (CAAEs) having a major effect on survival, quality of life, function and/or continuation of optimal therapy, and summarize the underlying pathophysiology.
    [Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology]

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    The Importance of RHAMM in the Normal Brain and Gliomas: Physiological and Pathological Roles

    Investigators summarise the role of RHAMM in normal brain development and the adult brain, focusing on the neural stem and progenitor cells, and discuss the current knowledge on RHAMM involvement in glioblastoma progression.
    [British Journal of Cancer]


    Bench to Bedside: New Therapeutic Approaches with Extracellular Vesicles and Engineered Biomaterials for Targeting Therapeutic Resistance of Cancer Stem Cells

    This review highlights the critical roles of the microenvironmental cues that regulate CSC function and endow them with drug resistance properties, and also explores the latest advancement and challenges in biomaterial-based scaffold structure for therapeutic approaches against CSC chemoresistance.
    [ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering]

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    Bone Marrow Transplant and Cell Therapies Unit at Tampa General Brings More Treatment Options

    Tampa General Hospital Cancer Institute established an adult Bone Marrow Transplant and Cell Therapies unit that focused on treating patients with aggressive blood cancers such as leukemias, lymphomas, multiple myeloma as well as other cancers.
    [Tampa General Hospital]

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