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    Cancer Stem Cell News 2.01 January 9, 2013
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    CD200-Expressing Human Basal Cell Carcinoma Cells Initiate Tumor Growth
    By using reproducible in vivo xenograft growth assays, researchers determined that tumor initiating cell frequencies approximate one per 1.5 million unsorted basal cell carcinoma (BCC) cells. The CD200+ CD45 BCC subpopulation recreated BCC tumor growth in vivo with typical histological architecture and expression of sonic hedgehog-regulated genes. Reproducible in vivo BCC growth was achieved with as few as 10,000 CD200+ CD45 cells, representing ∼1,500-fold enrichment. CD200 CD45 BCC cells were unable to form tumors. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract | Full Article

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    Microenvironmental Protection of CML Stem and Progenitor Cells from Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors through N-Cadherin and Wnt-β-Catenin Signaling
    Scientists investigated whether signals from the bone marrow microenvironment protect chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) stem cells from tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment. [Blood] Abstract

    Acute and Fractionated Irradiation Differentially Modulate Glioma Stem Cell Division Kinetics
    Scientists proposed a cellular Potts model that simulates the kinetics of glioma stem cells and cancer cells in glioblastoma growth and radiation response. They parameterized and validated this model with experimental data of the U87-MG human glioblastoma cell line. [Cancer Res] Abstract

    Lin28 Regulates BMP4 and Functions with Oct4 to Affect Ovarian Tumor Microenvironment
    Elevated production of bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) from human ovarian cancer cells and stroma has been shown to increase cancer stem cell (CSC) proliferation and tumor growth. Here, investigators report that Lin28, a stem cell factor, binds to BMP4 mRNA in epithelial ovarian carcinoma cells, thereby promoting BMP4 expression at the post-transcriptional level. As co-expression of Lin28 and Oct4 has been implicated in ovarian cancer CSCs, they also determined that high levels of Lin28 are associated with an unfavorable prognosis when co-expressed with high levels of Oct4. [Cell Cycle] Abstract | Press Release

    MLL-Rearranged Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Stem Cell Interactions with Bone Marrow Stroma Promote Survival and Therapeutic Resistance that Can Be Overcome with CXCR4 Antagonism
    Researchers hypothesized that interactions between leukemia stem cells and the bone marrow microenvironment mediate survival and chemotherapy resistance in MLL-rearranged acute lymphoblastic leukemia. [Br J Haematol] Abstract

    2-Hydroxycinnamaldehyde Inhibits the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Breast Cancer Cells
    Since epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) plays a critical role in cancer progression and in maintaining cancer stem cell properties, EMT is emerging as a therapeutic target for inhibiting the metastatic progression of cancer cells. Researchers investigated the anti-metastatic effect of 2′-Hydroxycinnamaldehyde (HCA) on breast cancer and the molecular mechanisms by which HCA regulates the transcriptional program during EMT. [Breast Cancer Res Treat] Abstract

    Multipotent Cancer Stem Cells Derived from Human Malignant Peritoneal Mesothelioma Promote Tumorigenesis
    Investigators developed and characterized a cancer stem cell (CSC) model for malignant peritoneal mesothelioma (MPeM) using stably expandable tumorigenic stem cells derived from patient tumors. They found morphologically distinct populations of CSCs that divide asymmetrically or symmetrically in MPeM in vitro cell culture. [PLoS One] Full Article

    Determining Duration of HER2-Targeted Therapy Using Stem Cell Extinction Models
    In order to guide clinical trials examining HER2-targeted therapy in the adjuvant setting, researchers proposed a mathematical model to examine breast cancer stem-like cell population dynamics and predict optimal duration of therapy. [PLoS One] Full Article

    EZH2 Is Required for Breast and Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cell Maintenance and Can Be Used as a Functional Cancer Stem Cell Reporter
    Cancer stem cells (CSCs) isolated from pancreatic and breast cancer lines had elevated EZH2 levels over non-CSCs. EZH2 knockdown by RNA interference significantly reduced the frequency of CSCs in all models tested, confirming the role of EZH2 in maintenance of the CSC population. [Stem Cells Transl Med] Abstract

    NeuroCult™ for Brain Tumor Research - View Publications

    Breast Cancer Stem Cell Enrichment and Isolation by Mammosphere Culture and Its Potential Diagnostic Applications
    In this review the authors detail the application of the mammosphere assay in the study of breast cancer stem cells. [Expert Rev Mol Diagn] Abstract


    Verastem Enters Biomarker Agreement with LabCorp for Cancer Stem Cell Agent Companion Diagnostic
    Verastem, Inc. entered an agreement with Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp®) to validate biomarkers for its lead focal adhesion kinase inhibitor VS-6063 in the development of an applicable companion diagnostic. [Verastem, Inc.] Press Release

    ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Provides Update on Corporate Milestones
    ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd. provided an update on current and anticipated corporate milestones. The Phase IIb randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial of ICT-107, a dendritic cell vaccine targeting glioblastoma antigens and cancer stem cells, continues to progress well. Also, they have filed an Investigational New Drug application for ICT-140, a dendritic cell vaccine targeting ovarian cancer antigens and cancer stem cells. [ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd.] Press Release

    Evotec and Apeiron Biologics Announce Collaboration on Cancer Immunotherapy
    Evotec AG announced that Evotec and Apeiron Biologics have entered into a research collaboration with the objective of developing immunomodulatory lead compounds for the treatment of cancer. [Evotec AG]
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