Cancer Stem Cell News Volume 2.25 | Jun 26 2013

Cancer Stem Cell News 2.25 June 26, 2013

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The Ubiquitin Ligase FBXW7 Modulates Leukemia-Initiating Cell Activity by Regulating MYC Stability
Missense FBXW7 mutations are prevalent in various tumors, including T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. To study the effects of such lesions, the authors generated animals carrying regulatable Fbxw7 mutant alleles. They showed that these mutations specifically bolster cancer-initiating cell activity in collaboration with Notch1 oncogenes but spare normal hematopoietic stem cell function. [Cell]
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Genetic Reconstitution of Tumorigenesis in Primary Intestinal Cells
Investigators showed that tumor development could be simply induced independently of intestinal microenvironment, even with WT murine primary intestinal cells alone. Consistent with cellular transformation, tumor-derived epithelial cells acquired sphere formation potential, gave rise to secondary tumors on retransplantation, and highly expressed cancer stem cell markers. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

Aptamer Identification of Brain Tumor Initiating Cells
To develop reagents that enrich for tumor initiating cells (TICs) but not matched non-TICs or tissue-specific stem cells, researchers adopted Cell-Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment (Cell-SELEX) to identify glioblastomas TIC-specific nucleic acid probes – aptamers – that specifically bind TICs. In this study, using Cell-SELEX with positive selection for TICs and negative selection for non-TICs and human neural progenitor cells the authors identified TIC aptamers that specifically bind to TICs with excellent Kds. [Cancer Res] Abstract

Clinical Relevance of Cancer Stem Cells in Bone Marrow of Early Breast Cancer Patients
Researchers hypothesized that if cancer stem cells are responsible for tumor dissemination, their presence in bone marrow would be prognostic in early stages of breast cancer patients. [Ann Oncol] Abstract

Infiltrating Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Increase Prostate Cancer Stem Cell Population and Metastatic Ability via Secreting Cytokines to Suppress Androgen Receptor Signaling
Scientists showed that prostate cancer (PCa) cells could recruit bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and consequently the metastatic ability of PCa cells was increased. They also found that the increased metastatic ability of PCa cells could be due to the increased PCa stem cell population. [Oncogene] Abstract

Primary Breast Cancer Stem-Like Cells Metastasize to Bone, Switch Phenotype and Acquire a Bone Tropism Signature
Investigators used a human-in-mice model to study bone metastasis formation due to primary breast cancer stem cells-like colonization. [Br J Cancer] Abstract

ALDH1 Expression Is Enriched in Breast Cancers Arising in Young Women but Does Not Predict Outcome
The authors used ALDH1 as a cancer stem cell marker and determined whether ALDH1 expression correlated with clinical outcome in young women with breast cancer. [Br J Cancer] Abstract

Differential Proteomic Analysis of Cancer Stem Cell Properties in Hepatocellular Carcinomas by Isobaric Tag Labeling and Mass Spectrometry
Although a number of molecules have been identified in different cancer cells as markers for cancer stem cells, no promising markers are currently available for hepatocellular carcinoma cells. In this study, two clones of Hep3B cell lines were functionally characterized as control or cancer stem cell-like cells, based on properties including spheroid formation, drug resistance, and tumor initiation. [J Proteome Res] Abstract

Isolation and Characterization of Human Breast Cancer Cells with SOX2 Promoter Activity
Researchers developed a reporter system using fluorescent protein driven by the promoter for sex-determining region Y-box 2 (SOX2) gene to detect and isolate living SOX2-positive cells. Results suggest that the cell population with SOX2 promoter activity contains cancer stem cell (CSC)-like cells which show expression profiles different from those of CSC-marker genes previously recognized in human breast cancers. [Biochem Biophys Res Commun] Abstract

Webinar: Brent Reynolds on Identification and Characterization of Neural Stem Cells

Searching for Prostate Cancer Stem Cells: Markers and Methods
This review describes current methods and markers for isolating and characterizing prostate cancer stem cells, including assays for self-renewal, multipotency and resistance to therapy. [Stem Cell Rev Rep] Abstract

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Verastem Initiates Phase I Clinical Trial of VS-4718 in Patients with Advanced Cancer
Verastem, Inc. announced the initiation of a Phase I trial of VS-4718, a novel, small molecule inhibitor of focal adhesion kinase, in patients with advanced cancer. [Verastem, Inc.] Press Release

Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Looks at Targeting Cancer Stem Cells
A major reason that breast cancer returns after treatment and spreads to other parts of the body is that current chemotherapy and radiation treatments do not kill the cancer stem cells. That premise provides the basis for a clinical trial open at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center and two other sites testing a drug that has been found in laboratory studies to attack cancer stem cells. The drug, reparixin, will be used in combination with standard chemotherapy. [University of Michigan Health System] Press Release

The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Invests $52 Million in Translational Cancer Research
The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research is investing $52 million to support the development of new innovative approaches for the prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. The announcement was made by Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation Reza Moridi. This investment will focus on key areas of translational research that will have the greatest impact on patients, including cancer stem cells, drug discovery, genomics, informatics and pathology. [Ontario Institute for Cancer Research] Press Release

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