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Cancer Stem Cell News 2.41 October 16, 2013

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Functional Role of CLIC1 Ion Channel in Glioblastoma-Derived Stem/Progenitor Cells
Scientists used the neurosphere system to isolate stem/progenitor cells from human glioblastomas (GBMs). Chloride intracellular channel 1 (CLIC1) targeting in GBM neurospheres was achieved by both lentiviral-mediated short-hairpin RNA transduction and CLIC1 antibody treatment, and its effect on stem-like properties was analyzed in vitro by proliferation and clonogenic assays and in vivo by orthotopic injection in immunocompromised mice. [J Natl Cancer Inst] Full Article
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PUBLICATIONS (Ranked by impact factor of the journal)
Glioblastoma Stem Cells Are Regulated by Interleukin-8 Signaling in a Tumoral Perivascular Niche
The authors engineered a scaffold-based culture system enabling brain endothelial cells to form vascular networks. Using this system, they demonstrated that vascular assembly induces cancer stem-like cell maintenance and growth in vitro and accelerates tumor growth in vivo through paracrine interleukin-8 signaling. [Cancer Res] Abstract

Therapeutic Targeting of Constitutive Poly-ADP-Ribose Polymerase Activation Compromises Stem Cell Phenotype and Survival of Glioblastoma-Initiating Cells
Researchers report that glioblastoma-initiating cells (GICs) are primed to handle additional stress due to basal activation of single-strand break repair, the main DNA damage response pathway activated by reactive oxygen species, compared with non-GICs. [Cell Death Diff] Abstract

Reprogramming of Non-Genomic Estrogen Signaling by the Stemness Factor SOX2 Enhances the Tumor-Initiating Capacity of Breast Cancer Cells
Investigators utilized an in vitro model of a SOX2-overexpressing cancer stem cell-like cellular state that was recently developed in their laboratory by employing Yamanaka’s nuclear reprogramming technology in the estrogen receptor α-positive MCF-7 breast cancer cell line. [Cell Cycle] Abstract

A c-Met Inhibitor Increases the Chemosensitivity of Cancer Stem Cells to the Irinotecan in Gastric Carcinoma
Investigators examined the combined effects of inhibitors against stemness signals, including c-Met inhibitor SU11274, and five anticancer drugs on the cancer stem cell proliferation and mRNA expression of chemoresistance-associated genes. [Br J Cancer] Abstract

Rottlerin Induces Autophagy and Apoptosis in Prostate Cancer Stem Cells via PI3K/Akt/mTOR Signaling Pathway
Investigators aimed to examine the molecular mechanisms by which rottlerin induces autophagy in prostate cancer stem cells. Autophagy was measured by the lipid modification of light chain-3 and the formation of autophagosomes. [Cancer Lett] Abstract

Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 1 Identifies Cells with Cancer Stem Cell-Like Properties in a Human Renal Cell Carcinoma Cell Line
Investigators used two different approaches, the traditional side population approach, and the enzymatic (aldehyde dehydrogenase 1) approach to identify cancer stem cell-like cell population in two renal cell carcinoma cell lines, ACHN and KRC/Y. [PLoS One] Full Article

Amurensin G Enhances the Susceptibility to TRAIL-Mediated Cytotoxicity of Cancer Stem-Like Cells of HCT-15 Cells
The sensitivity to TRAIL-induced cytotoxicity and the effect of amurensin G, a novel SIRT1 inhibitor, was examined using cancer stem cell-enriched fraction of HCT-15 human colon cancer cells. [Cancer Sci]

Hypoxia Reduces CD138 Expression and Induces an Immature and Stem Cell-Like Transcriptional Program in Myeloma Cells
Researchers examined whether the expression of CD138 and transcription factors occurred in myeloma cells under hypoxic conditions. Multiple myeloma cell lines (KMS-12BM and RPMI 8226) were cultured under normoxic or hypoxic conditions for up to 30 days. [Int J Oncol] Abstract | Full Article

Identification of CD90 as a Marker for Lung Cancer Stem Cells in A549 and H446 Cell Lines
The authors identified CD90 as a novel surface marker of cancer stem cells (CSCs) in lung cancer cells. Furthermore, they isolated CD90+ CSCs from lung cancer cell lines A549 and H446. [Oncol Rep] Abstract

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MicroRNAs Are Involved in the Self-Renewal and Differentiation of Cancer Stem Cells
The authors summarize the research progress in the study of microRNAs involved in the self-renewal and differentiation of cancer stem cells. [Acta Phramacol Sin] Abstract

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The Breast Cancer Research Foundation Announces $45 Million in Research Grants
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® announced its dedication of $45 million to breast cancer research at its annual Symposium and Awards Luncheon. The 2013-2014 grants, awarded to 207 doctors and scientists, build on the foundation’s 20-year commitment to advance the world’s most innovative research and address such critical areas as genetics, immunotherapy, tumor biology, quality of life and metastasis. [Marketwire LP] Press Release

Two Researchers from Barcelona Awarded the Prestigious Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Award
Two researchers from Barcelona will share this year’s Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Award. Eduard Batlle, ICREA Professor and fellow ICREA Professor Joan Seoane, have won the Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Award 2013 for their dedicated work in oncology. [EurekAlert!] Press Release

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