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Gemcitabine Resistance of Pancreatic Cancer Cells Is Mediated by IGF1R Dependent Upregulation of CD44 Expression and Isoform Switching

[Cell Death & Disease] CD44 promoter activity and its interactive EMT-related transcription factors were evaluated by luciferase reporter assay and chromatin immunoprecipitation assay.

Formulation, Characterization and Cellular Toxicity Assessment of a Novel Bee-Venom Microsphere in Prostate Cancer Treatment

[Scientific Reports] Investigators reported that free bee venom was more effective against the growth of human prostate adenocarcinoma cells followed by optimized microspheres than doxorubicin.

[18F]-Labeled PARP-1 PET Imaging of PSMA Targeted Alpha Particle Radiotherapy Response

[Scientific Reports] The authors used a third-generation PARP1-specific radiotracer, [18F]-PARPZ, to delineate castrate resistant prostate cancer xenografts.

Targeting the Radiation-Induced ARv7-Mediated circNHS/miR-512-5p/XRCC5 Signaling With Quercetin Increases Prostate Cancer Radiosensitivity

[Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research] Using multiple in vitro cell lines and in vivo mouse models, the authors reported that combining radiation therapy with the small molecule of Quercetin to target full-length androgen receptor and androgen receptor splice variant 7 (ARv7) lead to better efficacy to suppress prostate cancer progression.

Exosomes Derived from Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells Facilitate Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Progression via S100A9/circMID1/miR-506-3p/MID1

[Journal of Translational Medicine] CircRNA expression profiles in prostate cancer cells treated with Myeloid-derived suppressor cells- exosomes and control cells were investigated using a circRNA microarray.

The STAT3 Inhibitor GPB730 Enhances the Sensitivity to Enzalutamide in Prostate Cancer Cells

[Translational Oncology] Enzalutamide and GPB730 treated LNCaP and C4–2 cells were subjected to western blot and QPCR analyses in order to investigate the expression of androgen receptor (AR), Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 (STAT3) and down-stream targets.

SOX15 Transcriptionally Increases the Function of AOC1 To Modulate Ferroptosis and Progression in Prostate Cancer

[Cell Death & Disease] Investigators discovered that high expression of Amine oxidase copper-containing 1 AOC1 is significantly associated with reduced proliferation and migration in prostate cancer both in vitro and in vivo.

Heparanase Regulates EMT and Cancer Stem Cell Properties in Prostate Tumors

[Frontiers in Oncology] Two prostate cancer cell lines were silenced and overexpressed for HPSE. Expression of epithelial–mesenchymal transition and stemness markers was evaluated.

Aberrant Androgen Action in Prostatic Progenitor Cells Induces Oncogenesis and Tumor Development through IGF1 and Wnt Axes

[Nature Communications] Researchers demonstrated that a subpopulation of prostatic odd skipped-related 1 (Osr1)-lineage cells functioned as tumor progenitors in prostate tumorigenesis.

Expansion of Mouse Castration-Resistant Intermediate Prostate Stem Cells In Vitro

[Stem Cell Research & Therapy] The authors formulated a custom-made medium and isolated primary cells from the prostate of adult wild-type and TRAMP mice. The cells were characterized by immunofluorescence staining, transcriptomic analysis, and qRT-PCR verification.

TNK2/ACK1-Mediated Phosphorylation of ATP5F1A (ATP Synthase F1 Subunit Alpha) Selectively Augments Survival of Prostate Cancer While Engendering Mitochondrial Vulnerability

[Autophagy] Researchers demonstrated that a non-receptor tyrosine kinase, tyrosine kinase non receptor 2 (TNK2)/ACK1, phosphorylated ATP synthase F1 subunit alpha (ATP5F1A) at Tyr243 and Tyr24 that not only increased the stability of complex V, but also increased mitochondrial energy output in cancer cells.

Dynamic Plasticity of Prostate Cancer Intermediate Cells During Androgen Receptor-Targeted Therapy

[Cell Reports] The authors identified steady-state transcriptional heterogeneity in androgen receptor and neuroendocrine biomarkers, including intermediate subpopulations that are coordinately high for prostate-specific antigen and neuron-specific enoclase promoter activity.

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