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CAR T Cell Killing Requires the IFNγR Pathway in Solid but Not Liquid Tumours

[Nature] To systematically identify potential resistance pathways in an unbiased manner, scientists conducted a genome-wide CRISPR knockout screen in glioblastoma, a disease in which CAR T cells have had limited efficacy.

The Outcome of Patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma and Early Relapse after Autologous Stem Cell Transplant Has Improved in Recent Years

[Leukemia] Scientists analyzed 1781 adult Hodgkin lymphoma patients who relapsed between 2006 and 2017 after a first autologous-stem-cell- transplantation. The four-year overall survival (OS) after relapse continuously increased from 32% for patients relapsing in 2006–2008, to 63% for patients relapsing in 2015–201.7

Twist Bioscience Signs Antibody Discovery Collaboration with MediSix Therapeutics to Develop T Cell Therapies

[Twist Bioscience Corporation] Twist Bioscience Corporation and MediSix Therapeutics announced a collaboration to discover novel antibodies against five undisclosed targets. Twist will leverage its proprietary Library of Libraries to discover five novel antibodies directed against MediSix’s targets.

BCL6 and the Notch Pathway: A Signaling Axis Leading to a Novel Druggable Biotarget in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

[Cellular Oncology] Scientists investigated signaling cascades of B cell lymphoma 6 (BCL6) in the CSC compartment of triple negative breast cancers, and the mechanisms that govern its activity, mainly through Notch signaling.

Combining BTK Inhibitors with BCL2 Inhibitors for Treating Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Mantle Cell Lymphoma

[Biomarker Research] Scientists discuss the rationale for the combinational use and summarized the current data on the combinations of BTK inhibitors and venetoclax in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and mantle cell lymphoma.

Immune Responses against SARS-CoV-2 Variants after Two and Three Doses of Vaccine in B-cell Malignancies: UK PROSECO Study

[Nature Cancer] The authors presented the PROSECO prospective observational study on 457 patients with lymphoma that received two or three COVID-19 vaccine doses and showed undetectable humoral responses following two vaccine doses in 52% of patients undergoing active anticancer treatment.