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STEMCELL Technologies Announces Successful Asset Purchase Agreement with SQZ Biotechnologies Company

[STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.] STEMCELL Technologies announced the acquisition of substantially all assets of SQZ Biotechnologies Company—a Massachusetts-based biotech known for its game-changing method of introducing a variety of therapeutic cargo into cells by squeezing them rather than using electricity.

Scripps Research Scientists Honored With Prestigious CZI Awards to Address Diseases Tied to Aging

[Scripps Research] Christopher Parker and Giordano Lippi are unraveling the metabolic and protein mechanisms, respectively, that go awry in aging and disease—including Alzheimer’s.

An Immunosuppressive Vascular Niche Drives Macrophage Polarization and Immunotherapy Resistance in Glioblastoma

[Science Advances] Scientists identify a distinct mesenchymal-like population of endothelial cells that form an immunosuppressive vascular niche in glioblastoma.

Antigen Presenting Cell Mimetic Lipid Nanoparticles for Rapid mRNA CAR T Cell Cancer Immunotherapy

[Advanced Materials] The authors developed activating lipid nanoparticles (aLNPs) that mimic antigen presenting cells to combine the activation of magnetic beads and the transfection capabilities of lipid nanoparticles.

B Cell Lineage Reconstitution Underlies CAR-T Cell Therapeutic Efficacy in Patients with Refractory Myasthenia Gravis

[EMBO Molecular Medicine] Scientists reported CAR T cells targeting BCMA in two patients with highly relapsed and refractory myasthenia gravis. Both patients exhibited favorable safety profiles and persistent clinical improvements over 18 months.

Gene Therapy in Glioblastoma Multiforme: Can It Be a Role Changer?

[Heliyon] Gene therapy, a relatively nascent advanced approach, holds promise as a potential treatment for cancer, particularly glioblastoma multiforme. It possesses the potential to address the limitations of previous treatments and even newer advanced therapies like mAbs, owing to its distinct properties.

Inibitory CARs Fail to Protect From Immediate T Cell Cytotoxicity

[Molecular Therapy] Scientists employed a well-established reporter cell system to demonstrate high potency of inhibitory signaling domain CAR constructs harboring BTLA-derived signaling domains.

Inosine Induces Stemness Features in CAR-T Cells and Enhances Potency

[Cancer Cell] Scientists enhanced CAR-T cell potency by knocking out CD39, CD73, or adenosine receptor 2a but observed only modest effects. In contrast, overexpression of Ado deaminase, which metabolized Ado to inosine (INO), induced stemness and enhanced CAR-T functionality.

A Versatile CRISPR-Cas13d Platform for Multiplexed Transcriptomic Regulation and Metabolic Engineering in Primary Human T Cells

[Cell] To address these challenges, the authors developed multiplexed effector guide arrays (MEGA), a platform for programmable and scalable regulation of the T cell transcriptome using the RNA-guided, RNA-targeting activity of CRISPR-Cas13d. MEGA enabled quantitative, reversible, and massively multiplexed gene knockdown in primary human T cells without targeting or cutting genomic DNA.

Structure-Guided Engineering of Immunotherapies Targeting TRBC1 and TRBC2 in T Cell Malignancies

[Nature Communications] The authors demonstrated specificity redirection by rational design using structure-guided computational biology to generate a TRBC2-specific antibody, complementing the antibody previously described by our laboratory with unique TRBC1 specificity in targeting broader spectrum of T cell malignancies clonally expressing either of the two chains.

Machine Learning Links T Cell Function and Spatial Localization to Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy and Clinical Outcome in Pancreatic Cancer

[Cancer Immunology Research] Scientists designed a multiplex immunohistochemistry antibody panel to compare T cell functionality and spatial localization in resected tumors from treatment-naive patients with localized PDAC with resected tumors from a second cohort of patients treated with neoadjuvant agonistic CD40 monoclonal antibody therapy.

In ‘Major Milestone,’ FDA Approves First Cell Therapy for Solid Tumors

[STAT News] Nearly four decades after its first conception, the first TIL therapy, an immunotherapy that harvests cancer-fighting immune cells from the patient’s own body, received accelerated approval from the FDA for advanced melanoma.

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