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Dermal Cell News is an online resource highlighting the latest research about wound healing, skin disorders, and dermal cancers.

A Strain-Programmed Patch for the Healing of Diabetic Wounds

[Nature Biomedical Engineering] Scientists reported the development and preclinical therapeutic performance of a strain-programmed patch that rapidly and robustly adhered to diabetic wounds, and promoted wound closure and re-epithelialization.

Evaluation of Different Methodologies for Primary Human Dermal Fibroblast Spheroid Formation: Automation through 3D Bioprinting Technology

[Biomedical Materials] Investigators generated spheroids containing primary human dermal fibroblasts using the two-widely employed methods: hanging-drop and U-shape low adhesion plate.

Hedgehog Signaling Reprograms Hair Follicle Niche Fibroblasts to a Hyper-Activated State

[Developmental Cell] The authors showed that in normal mouse skin, Scube3 is expressed only in dermal papillae of growing, but not in resting follicles.

Acacetin Resists UVA Photoaging by Mediating the SIRT3/ROS/MAPKs Pathway

[Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine] Researchers investigated the effect of Acacetin on skin photoaging in ultraviolet A (UVA)-irradiated mice and human dermal fibroblasts.

Flexible, High-Strength and Multifunctional Polyvinyl Alcohol/MXene/Polyaniline Hydrogel Enhancing Skin Wound Healing

[Biomaterials Science] Investigators found that the polyvinyl alcohol/MXene/polyaniline hydrogels accelerated skin wound healing by promoting angiogenesis and collagen deposition.

The Potential Role of Fibroblast-derived Multi-peptide Factors in Activation of Growth Factors and β-Catenin in Hair Follicle Cells

[Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology] Scientists investigated the stimulatory effects of multi-peptide factors-containing dermal fibroblast-conditioned medium on hair growth.

-Omics Potential of In Vitro Skin Models for Radiation Exposure

[Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences] The authors explore the current state-of-the-art technology in terms of in vitro 3D skin models, as well as track the trajectory of MS-based -omics techniques and their application to ionizing radiation research.

Regulation of Signaling Pathways in Hair Follicle Stem Cells

[Burns & Trauma] Investigators review the regulation of hair follicles, hair follicle stem cells (HFSCs) and related signaling pathways, with the aims of summarizing previous research results, revealing the regulatory mechanisms of HFSC proliferation and differentiation

Zantrene Shows Impressive Synergy With BRAF & MEK Inhibitors In Treating Melanoma

[Race Oncology Ltd] Race Oncology Limited shared the final results from our preclinical melanoma research program in collaboration with the University of Newcastle

Inactivation of the Hippo Tumor Suppressor Pathway Promotes Melanoma

[Nature Communications] Researchers utilized cell and murine models to demonstrate that oncogenic BRAF led to activation of the Hippo tumor suppressor pathway, both in melanocytes in vitro and nevus melanocytes in vivo.

Glucocorticoid Signaling and Regulatory T Cells Cooperate to Maintain the Hair-Follicle Stem-Cell Niche

[Nature Immunology] By using hair follicles (HFs) to study regulatory T cell cell–stem cell crosstalk, the authors showed an unrecognized function of the steroid hormone glucocorticoid in instructing skin-resident Treg cells to facilitate HF stem-cell activation and HF regeneration.

Silver-Doped Phosphate Coacervates to Inhibit Pathogenic Bacteria Associated with Wound Infections: An In Vitro Study

[Scientific Reports] Researchers suggested that gel-like silver doped phosphate-based coacervates were promising multifunctional materials for smart wound dressings, being capable of simultaneously inhibiting pathogenic bacteria and maintaining good cell viability.

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