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Conserved γδ T Cell Selection by BTNL Proteins Limits Progression of Human Inflammatory Bowel Disease

[Science] Using mucosal samples obtained at colonoscopy from more than 150 individuals, scientists characterized the healthy human gut γδ T cell population.

Immunosuppressive CD10+ALPL+ Neutrophils Promote Resistance to Anti-PD-1 Therapy in HCC by Mediating Irreversible Exhaustion of T Cells

[Journal Of Hepatology] Investigators analyzed the transcriptomic profiling at a single-cell resolution within tumor tissues from hepatocellular carcinoma patients scheduled to receive anti-PD-1-based immunotherapy.

Acetate Acts as a Metabolic Immunomodulator by Bolstering T Cell Effector Function and Potentiating Antitumor Immunity in Breast Cancer

[Nature Cancer] The authors showed that acetate supplementation metabolically bolstered T cell effector functions and proliferation.

Metabolic Reprogramming via ACOD1 Depletion Enhances Function of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived CAR-Macrophages in Solid Tumors

[Nature Communications] Scientists found, via a pooled metabolic gene knockout CRISPR screen that KEAP1 and ACOD1 were strong regulators of the pro-inflammatory state in macrophages.

Whole-Genome Screens Reveal Regulators of Differentiation State and Context-Dependent Migration in Human Neutrophils

[Nature Communications] Researchers performed a comprehensive, genome-wide assessment of the molecular factors critical to proliferation, differentiation, and cell migration in a neutrophil-like cell line.

NLGN4X TCR Transgenic T Cells to Treat Gliomas

[Neuro-Oncology] T cell receptor (TCR) discovery was performed using droplet-based single cell TCR sequencing of neuroligin 4 X-linked (NLGN4X)-tetramer-sorted T cells post vaccination.

TLR8 Escapes X Chromosome Inactivation in Human Monocytes and CD4+ T Cells

[Biology of Sex Differences] Investigators conducted a comprehensive single-cell resolution analysis of the transcriptional regulation of both TLR7 and TLR8, in CD14+ monocytes and CD4+ T lymphocytes.

Production of Therapeutic Levels of Human FIX-R338L by Engineered B Cells Using GMP-Compatible Medium

[Molecular Therapy-Methods & Clinical Development] Researchers established an advanced in vitro good manufacturing practice-compatible culturing system characterized by robust and consistent expansion rate, high viability, and efficient B cell differentiation.

Large Extracellular Vesicles Derived from Human Regulatory Macrophages (L-EVMreg) Attenuate CD3/CD28-Induced T Cell Activation In Vitro

[Journal of Molecular Medicine] Scientists investigated whether L-EVMreg also affect the CD3/CD28-mediated activation of T cells. Activation of human T-cells was induced by CD3/CD28-coated beads in the absence or presence of Mreg or different concentrations of L-EVMreg .

Dendritic Cells as Shepherds of T Cell Immunity in Cancer

[Immunity] Investigators review the current understanding of dendritic cell T cell interactions at both priming and effector sites of immune responses.

Spatial Predictors of Immunotherapy Response in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

[Nature] Researchers investigated the impact of multicellular spatial organization on response, and explored how immune checkpoint blockade remodeled the tumor microenvironment.

Phosphoantigens Glue Butyrophilin 3A1 and 2A1 to Activate Vγ9Vδ2 T Cells

[Nature] Scientists showed how—in both humans and alpaca—multiple phosphoantigens functioned as ‘molecular glues’ to promote heteromeric association between the intracellular domains of BTN3A1 and the structurally similar butyrophilin BTN2A1.

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