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Hematopoiesis News is an online resource that provides updates on the latest research in the fields of hematopoiesis, blood, and bone marrow disorders.

Human Yolk Sac-Derived Innate Lymphoid-Biased Multipotent Progenitors Emerge Prior to Hematopoietic Stem Cell Formation

[Developmental Cell] Scientists demonstrated the presence of human yolk sac-derived lymphoid-biased progenitors expressing CD34, IL7R, LTB, and IRF8 at Carnegie stage 10, much earlier than the first HSC emergence.

Endomucin Marks Quiescent Long-Term Multi-lineage Repopulating Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Is Essential for Their Transendothelial Migration

[Cell Reports] Cell cycle analyses and transcriptional profiling demonstrated that endomucin (EMCN)+ long-term repopulating HSCs (LT-HSCs) were more quiescent compared to EMCN LT-HSCs.

Activation of Nemo-Like Kinase in Diamond Blackfan Anemia Suppresses Early Erythropoiesis by Preventing Mitochondrial Biogenesis

[Journal of Biological Chemistry] Researchers reported that activated Nemo-like kinase suppressed the critical upregulation of mitochondrial biogenesis required in early erythropoiesis.

Germline ERG Haploinsufficiency Defines a New Syndrome with Cytopenia and Hematological Malignancy Predisposition

[Blood] Investigators reported the discovery of ERG as a novel autosomal dominant bone marrow failure and hematological malignancy predisposition gene. ERG was a highly constrained transcription factor critical for definitive hematopoiesis, stem cell function, and platelet maintenance.

Oncogenic and Immunological Targets for Matched Therapy of Pediatric Blood Cancer Patients: Dutch iTHER Study Experience

[Hemasphere] Scientists reported on 56 iTHER leukemia/lymphoma patients for which they considered cell surface markers and oncogenic aberrations as actionable events, supplemented with ex vivo drug sensitivity for six patients.

New Frameworks for Hematopoiesis Derived from Single-Cell Genomics

[Blood] The authors discuss how innovative model systems quantify lineage bias and how stress accelerates differentiation, thereby reducing fate plasticity compared to native hematopoiesis.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Invests Nearly $6.5 Million in Research Investigating the Causes of Inequitable Access to Blood Cancer Treatment and Care

[The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society] LLS’s Equity in Access Research Program has collectively awarded nearly $6.5 million to health services researchers working to uncover and address the social, economic, and environmental disadvantages that stand in the way of blood cancer patients and survivors accessing high-quality treatment and care.

Erythroid-Intrinsic Activation of TLR8 Impairs Erythropoiesis in Inherited Anemia

[Nature Communications] Researchers identified in a diseased pedigree that a gain-of-function mutation in toll-like receptor 8 (TLR8) was implicated in inherited non-hemolytic anemia.

Single-Cell Landscape of Alternative Polyadenylation in Human Lymphoid Hematopoiesis

[Journal of Molecular Cell Biology] Investigators analyzed single-cell 3′-end transcriptome data from healthy subjects to construct a dynamic-alternative polyadenylation landscape from hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells to terminally differentiated lymphocytes.

Effect of Post-transplant Dietary Restriction on Hematopoietic Reconstitution and Maintenance of Reconstitution Capacity of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

[Stem Cell Reviews and Reports] Scientists used a dietary restriction mouse model to study the effect of post-transplant dietary reduction on hematopoiesis and hematopoietic stem cells.

tRNA m1A Modification Regulate HSC Maintenance and Self-Renewal via mTORC1 Signaling

[Nature Communications] Researchers investigated the role of transfer RNA (tRNA) m1A58 ‘writer’ proteins TRMT6 and TRMT61A in regulating HSCs function.

Exploring the Potential of Predicted miRNAs on the Genes Involved in the Expansion of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

[Scientific Reports] Investigators predicted the miRNAs and anti-miRNAs using bioinformatics tools and investigated their effects on the expression levels of key genes predicted in the improvement of proliferation, and the inhibition of differentiation in HSCs isolated from Human umbilical cord blood.

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