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Clonal Evolution of Long-Term Expanding Head and Neck Cancer Organoid: Impact on Treatment Response for Personalized Therapeutic Screening

[Oral Oncology] To investigate whether head and neck cancer organoids could maintain the genetic characteristics of their original tumors and elucidate the clonal evolution process during a long-term passage, researchers performed targeted sequencing, covering 377 cancer-related genes and adopted a sub-clonal fraction model.

Stem Cell-Derived Organoid Models for SARS-CoV-2 and Its Molecular Interaction with Host Cells

[Molecular Biology Reports] There is an urgent need for physiological models to study SARS-CoV-2 infection during the pandemic. Human stem cell-derived organoids can provide insight into understanding the SARS-CoV-2 cell entry molecular mechanism.

Spatiotemporal, Optogenetic Control of Gene Expression in Organoids

[Nature Methods] Scientists combined optogenetics and gene perturbation technologies to activate or knock-down RNA of target genes in programmable spatiotemporal patterns.

Scalable Generation of Pre-Vascularized and Functional Human Beige Adipose Organoids

[Advanced Science] A scalable system was proposed to generate pre-vascularized and functional human beige adipose tissue organoids using the human stromal vascular fraction of white adipose tissue as a source of adipose and endothelial progenitors.

Human Organoids Are Superior to Cell Culture Models for Intestinal Barrier Research

[Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology] Investigators performed a detailed functional characterization of human intestinal organoid cultures under different conditions with the aim to suggest an optimized ex-vivo model to further analyze inflammation-induced intestinal epithelial barrier dysfunction.

Cigarette Smoke Restricts the Ability of Mesenchymal Cells to Support Lung Epithelial Organoid Formation

[Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology] The authors assessed the effect of cigarette smoke-exposure and the endoplasmic reticulum stress inducer Thapsigargin on Wnt/β-catenin signaling activation in MRC-5 fibroblasts, and on their ability to support lung epithelial organoid formation.

The TRIPLEX Study: Use of Patient-Derived Tumor Organoids as an Innovative Tool for Precision Medicine in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

[BMC Cancer] The TRIPLEX study was a single-center observational study conducted to investigate the feasibility of generating patient-derived tumor organoids from triple negative breast cancer and to evaluate their ability to predict clinical response.

Vaginal Bacteria Elicit Acute Inflammatory Response in Fallopian Tube Organoids

[Reproductive Sciences] To facilitate in vitro mechanistic studies in pelvic inflammatory disease and subsequent tubal factor infertility, researchers established patient tissue derived fallopian tube organoids.

Application of Organoids in Regenerative Medicine

[Stem Cells] Scientists review the available applications of organoids in regenerative medicine and the current challenges concerning this field.

Self-Organizing Models of Human Trunk Organogenesis Recapitulate Spinal Cord and Spine Co-Morphogenesis

[Nature Biotechnology] Scientists reported the generation of human trunk-like structures that modeled the co-morphogenesis, patterning and differentiation of the human spine and spinal cord.

Cyclic Stretching Triggers Cell Orientation and Extracellular Matrix Remodeling in a Periodontal Ligament 3d in Vitro Model

[Advanced Healthcare Materials] Researchers developed a customized bioreactor that allowed dynamic loading of periodontal ligament-derived fibroblasts. A collagen-based hydrogel mixture was optimized to maintain structural integrity and constant cell growth during stretching.

A Microwell Platform for High-Throughput Longitudinal Phenotyping and Selective Retrieval of Organoids

[Cell Systems] Investigators developed a microwell-based method that enabled high-throughput quantification of image-based parameters for organoids grown from single cells, which could further be retrieved from their microwells for molecular profiling.

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