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Methionine Oxidation Activates Pyruvate Kinase M2 to Promote Pancreatic Cancer Metastasis

[Molecular Cell] Chemoproteomic profiling of pancreatic organoids revealed that ethionine sulfoxide reductase A loss resulted in the selective oxidation of a methionine residue in pyruvate kinase M2.

Lymphatics Act as a Signaling Hub To Regulate Intestinal Stem Cell Activity

[Cell Stem Cell] Employing in vivo loss of function and lymphatic:organoid cocultures, researchers showed that crypt lymphatics maintained intestinal stem cells and inhibited their precocious differentiation.

Chicken-Derived RSPO1 and WNT3 Contribute to Maintaining Longevity of Chicken Intestinal Organoid Cultures

[Scientific Reports] Based on the limited homology between mammalian and avian RSPO1, scientists expected that chicken-derived factors were required for the organoid cultures.

In Vitro Grafting of Hepatic Spheroids and Organoids on a Microfluidic Vascular Bed

[Angiogenesis] The authors introduced a platform for routine grafting of liver and other tissues on an in vitro grown microvascular bed. The platform consisted of 64 microfluidic chips patterned underneath a 384-well microtiter plate.

Extracellular Microenvironmental Control for Organoid Assembly

[Tissue Engineering Part B-Reviews] Investigators summarize the natural tissue and organ's unique chemical and mechanical properties, guiding researchers to design an extracellular microenvironment used for organoid engineering

Colon Cancer Organoids Using Monoclonal Organoids Established in Four Different Lesions of One Cancer Patient Reveal Tumor Heterogeneity and Different Real-Time Responsiveness to Anti-Cancer...

[Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy] Scientists isolated 15 single clones from four tumor organoid lines from one patient at a primary passage from one patient. Each organoid line showed variable alterations in both genotype and phenotype.

Patient-Derived Organoids Identify an Apico-Basolateral Polarity Switch Associated with Survival in Colorectal Cancer

[Journal of Cell Science] Scientists reported that mucinous colorectal carcinoma tumors maintained a robust apico-basolateral polarity as they spread in the peritumoral stroma or organotypic collagen-I gels.

Dnah9 Mutant Mice and Organoid Models Recapitulate the Clinical Features of Patients with PCD and Provide an Excellent Platform for Drug Screening

[Cell Death & Disease] Investigators constructed an airway organoid of Dnah9 knock-down mice and discovered that it could mimic the key features of the primary cilia dyskinesia phenotypes.

Jiang Lab Received a $45000 Gift Check from HIST1H1E (H1-E) Syndrome Foundation

[Yale School of Medicine] the family of Kimberly Greenberg and HIST1H1ESyndrome Foundation presented a $45,000 gift check to Dr. Jiang’s lab, which has succeeded on modeling H1-4 causing neurodevelopmental defects using human H1-4 patient derived iPSC and brain organoi.

Hadassah Medical Center Opens Israel’s First Mini Organ Bank

[The Jerusalem Post] Israel's first organoid bank was established at Hadassah University Medical Center in Ein Kerem. Organoids are used for medical research and translational medicine around the world.

Exploring Stem Cell Biology in Pituitary Tumors and Derived Organoids

[Endocrine-Related Cancer] In human pituitary tumors, cells typified by expression of stemness markers, in particular SOX2 and SOX9, were found present in a wide variety of clinical tumor types, also showing a pronounced proliferative status.

MYCN Induces Cell-Specific Tumorigenic Growth in RB1-Proficient Human Retinal Organoid and Chicken Retina Models of Retinoblastoma

[Oncogenesis] Researchers attempted to elucidate the events that result in carcinogenesis and identify the cancer cell-of-origin.

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