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Endothelial Cell News is an online resource dedicated to the latest research studying the endothelium, blood vessels, and angiogenesis.

Western Researchers Attract More than $7.6M in Federal Funding

[Western University] Research to help improve memory in children with intellectual disabilities is one of several Western research projects receiving more than $7.6 million in funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Targeting SIRT1 Rescues Age- and Obesity-Induced Microvascular Dysfunction in Ex Vivo Human Vessels

[Circulation Research] The authors investigated the silent information regulator 1 (SIRT1) role in very early stages of age- and obesity-related microvascular dysfunction in humans.

Anionic Nanoplastic Exposure Induces Endothelial Leakiness

[Nature Communications] Scientists reported on a phenomenon associated with the nanoplastic forms of anionic polystyrene and poly(methyl methacrylate), where their introduction disrupted the vascular endothelial cadherin junctions in a dose-dependent manner.

CD248 Regulates Wnt Signaling in Pericytes to Promote Angiogenesis and Tumor Growth in Lung Cancer

[Cancer Research] Two angiogenic factors, OPN and SERPINE1, were decreased in Cd248LacZ/LacZ pericytes, and supplementation with both factors rescued their proliferation and endothelial cell tube formation-promoting ability.

Neutrophils Activated by Membrane Attack Complexes Increase the Permeability of Melanoma Blood Vessels

[Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America] Investigators confirmed activation of the complement system in samples of melanoma patients and murine melanomas. They identified the tumor endothelium as the starting point of the complement cascade.

Substratum Interactions Determine Immune Response to Allogeneic Transplants of Endothelial Cells

[Frontiers in Immunology] Researchers elucidated how endothelial cell microenvironment, vascular cell biology, and immune response were not only connected but interdependent.

Differential Regulation of Alternate Promoter Regions in Sox17 during Endodermal and Vascular Endothelial Development

[iScience] To better understand the genetic basis for the expression of multiple Sox17 mRNA forms, scientists identified and performed CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis of two evolutionarily conserved promoter regions.

An In Vitro Model of Glucose Transporter 1 Deficiency Syndrome at the Blood-Brain Barrier Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

[Journal of Neurochemistry] The authors aimed to characterize an in vitro model of glucose transporter 1 deficiency syndrome using human pluripotent stem cells.

New Insight into Ischemic Stroke: Circadian Rhythm in Post-Stroke Angiogenesis

[Frontiers in Pharmacology] Investigators review the mechanism by which circadian rhythms regulate the process of angiogenesis and its contribution to functional recovery in post-stroke at the aspects of the molecular level.

Development of Hydrogen Sulfide Donors for Anti-Atherosclerosis Therapeutics Research: Challenges and Future Priorities

[Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine] The authors discuss a wide range of H2S donors with anti-AS potential along with their respective transport pathways and design-related limitations.

The Crosstalk between Endothelial Cells and Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Aggravates High Phosphorus-Induced Arterial Calcification

[Cell Death & Disease] Scientists investigated the role of exosomes derived from endothelial cells in arterial calcification and its potential mechanisms in end-stage renal disease.

Targeting HECTD3-IKKα Axis Inhibits Inflammation-Related Metastasis

[Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy] Scientists showed that HECTD3 deficiency in vascular endothelial cells significantly reduced tumor metastasis in multiple mouse models.

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