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Metabolic Changes Associated with Cardiomyocyte Dedifferentiation Enable Adult Mammalian Cardiac Regeneration

[Circulation] The authors demonstrated the importance of HMGCS2-induced ketogenesis as a means to regulate metabolic response to cardiomyocyte injury, thus allowing cell dedifferentiation and proliferation as a regenerative response.

A Soft and Ultrasensitive Force Sensing Diaphragm for Probing Cardiac Organoids Instantaneously and Wirelessly

[Nature Communications] Researchers presented a soft resistive force-sensing diaphragm based on ultrasensitive resistive nano-cracked platinum film, which could be integrated into an all-soft culture well via an oxygen plasma-enabled bonding process.

A Non-Coding GWAS Variant Impacts Anthracycline-Induced Cardiotoxic Phenotypes in Human iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes

[Nature Communications] Using human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte cell lines with either intrinsic polymorphism or CRISPR-Cas9-mediated deletion of rs28714259 locus, researchers demonstrated that glucocorticoid receptor signaling activated by dexamethasone pretreatment prior to doxorubicin exposure preserved cardiomyocyte viability and contractility in cardiomyocytes containing the major allele.

Vitamin D Status Modulates Mitochondrial Oxidative Capacities in Skeletal Muscle: Role in Sarcopenia

[Communications Biology] Investigators examined the effects of vitamin D deficiency and supplementation on whole-body energy expenditure and muscle mitochondrial function in old rats, old mice, and human subjects.

Huntingtin Regulates Calcium Fluxes in Skeletal Muscle

[Journal of General Physiology] The impact of Huntingtin (HTT) deficiency was studied in human skeletal muscle cell lines and in a mouse model with inducible and muscle-specific HTT deletion.

PCM1 Labelling Reveals Myonuclear and Nuclear Dynamics in Skeletal Muscle across Species.

[American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology] Scientists determined to what extent PCM1 was a specific marker of myonuclei in vitro and in vivo.

Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Senescence Accelerates Medin Aggregation via Small Extracellular Vesicle Secretion and Extracellular Matrix Reorganization

[Aging Cell] To determine the mechanisms of aortic medial amyloid formation, investigators explored the impact of vascular smooth muscle cell senescence, extracellular vesicle secretion, and extracellular matrix remodeling on medin accumulation.

Plasma Exosomes Confer Hypoxic Pulmonary Hypertension by Transferring LOX-1 Cargo to Trigger Phenotypic Switching of Pulmonary Artery Smooth Muscle Cells

[Biochemical Pharmacology] Researchers generated proof that plasma-derived exosomes confer pulmonary hypertension by delivering lipoprotein receptor-1 (LOX-1) into pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells.

Temporal Regulation of Notch Activation Improves Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation

[Journal of Translational Medicine] Scientists temporally controlled Notch activation to promote arteriovenous fistula maturation while avoiding neointima formation.

How Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotype Switching Contributes to Vascular Disease

[Cell Communication and Signaling] Investigators focused on phenotypic characteristics, molecular profile, and the functional role of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) phenotype landscape; the molecular mechanism regulating VSMCs phenotype switching; and the contribution of VSMCs phenotype switching to vascular aging, atherosclerosis, and aortic aneurysm.

How Can the Adult Zebrafish and Neonatal Mice Teach Us about Stimulating Cardiac Regeneration in the Human Heart?

[Regenerative Medicine] Researchers highlight important mechanisms that occur in the hearts of baby mice and zebrafish, which may help contribute to their regenerative abilities.

Sarepta Therapeutics Announces That US FDA has Accepted for Filing and Granted Priority Review for the Biologics License Application for SRP-9001, Sarepta’s Gene Therapy...

[Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc.] Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. announced that the US FDA had accepted the Company's Biologics License Application seeking accelerated approval of SRP-9001 (delandistrogene moxeparvovec) for the treatment of ambulant individuals with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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