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Pancreatic Islets Implanted in an Irreversible Electroporation Generated Extracellular Matrix in the Liver

[Radiology and Oncology] Researchers showed that pancreatic islets could become incorporated and function in a non-thermal irreversible electroporation-generated ECM niche, albeit at a low success rate.

Revealing the Tissue-Level Complexity of Endogenous Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Expression and Signaling

[Nature Communications] Investigators generated mice harboring an enzyme self-label genome-edited into the endogenous Glp1r locus. They also rationally designed and tested various fluorescent dyes, spanning cyan to far-red wavelengths, for labeling performance in tissue.

Diabetes Canada Awards $9 Million in Funding to 30 New Research Projects

[Diabetes Canada] Diabetes Canada announced the winners of their End Diabetes Awards research competition. Each of the winning research projects has the potential to unlock new insights and breakthroughs in the field of diabetes management, care, and risk-reduction.

Towards a Better Understanding of Diabetes Mellitus Using Organoid Models

[Nature Reviews Endocrinology] The authors review organoid models for studying diabetes mellitus and provide insights into development, hormones and glucose toxicity effects in the pancreas and other organs.

VGLL4 and MENIN Function as TEAD1 Corepressors to Block Pancreatic β Cell Proliferation

[Cell Reports] Researchers demonstrated that while β cell-specific TEAD1 deletion resulted in a cell-autonomous increase of β cell proliferation, β cell-specific deletion of its canonical coactivators, YAP and TAZ, did not affect proliferation, suggesting the involvement of other cofactors.

Combination of Serum Human Satellite RNA and miR-21-5p Levels as a Biomarker for Pancreatic Cancer

[iScience] The authors refined an older methodology of PDAC detection by simultaneously measuring the serum miR-21-5p level to enhance the detection of PDAC.

Cinchonine-Induced Cell Death in Pancreatic Cancer Cells by Downregulating RRP15

[Cell Biology International] Scientists showed that the ribosomal RNA-processing 15 homolog (RRP15) expression was decreased in the pancreatic cancer, and RRP15 knockdown inhibited autophagy, and caused apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells.

Gallic Acid Markedly Stimulates GLUT1-Mediated Glucose Uptake by the AsPC-1 Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line

[Canadian Journal Of Physiology And Pharmacology] Researchers tested the influence of phenolic acids on glucose and glutamine cellular uptake by a breast and a pancreatic , AsPC-1, cancer cell line.

Pancreatic Stellate Cell-Induced Gemcitabine Resistance in Pancreatic Cancer Is Associated with LDHA- and MCT4-Mediated Enhanced Glycolysis

[Cancer Cell International] Human pancreatic cancer cell lines were exposed to three different pancreatic stellate cells-conditioned media, following either pre-treatment with glycolysis inhibitor NV-5440 or transfection for transient silencing of key glycolytic regulators .

The Role of Preproglucagon Peptides in Regulating β-Cell Morphology and Responses to Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes

[American Journal Of Physiology-Endocrinology And Metabolism] Scientists examined the role and source of preproglucagon peptides in β-cell function and in response to streptozotocin-induced hyperglycemia.

A Microfluidic-Based PDAC Organoid System Reveals the Impact of Hypoxia in Response to Treatment

[Cell Death Discovery] Investigators established a PDAC platform that supported the understanding of treatment response of PDAC organoids in mono-, and co-culture with pancreatic stellate cells under hypoxic and normoxic conditions.

Tissue Clearing and 3D Reconstruction of Digitized, Serially Sectioned Slides Provide Novel Insights into Pancreatic Cancer

[Med] Scientists describe the clinical features of pancreatic cancer, review techniques for clearing and the 3D reconstruction of digitized microscope slides, and provide examples that illustrate how 3D visualization of human pancreatic cancer at the microscopic level has revealed features not apparent in 2D microscopy.

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