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In-Situ Cryo-Immune Engineering of Tumor Microenvironment with Cold-Responsive Nanotechnology for Cancer Immunotherapy

[Nature Communications] After the in-situ cryo-immune engineering treatment, the ratio of the CD8+ cytotoxic T cells to the immunosuppressive regulatory T cells was increased by more than 100 times, in not only the primary tumors with cryosurgery, but also distant tumors without freezing.

Development and Evaluation of a Low-Cost LEGO 3D Bioprinter: From Building-Blocks to Building Blocks of Life

[Advanced Materials Technologies] Investigators demonstrated construction of a benchtop LEGO 3D bioprinter for additive layer manufacture of a 3D structure containing viable human skin cells within a hydrogel scaffold.

Lung Macrophages Utilize Unique Cathepsin K–Dependent Phagosomal Machinery to Degrade Intracellular Collagen

[Life Science Alliance] Using a quantitative proteomics approach, we identify cathepsins as key determinants of phagosome maturation in primary peritoneum-, lung-, and brain-resident macrophages.

Igf1 Regulates Fibrocartilage Stem Cells, Cartilage Growth, and Homeostasis in the Temporomandibular Joint of Mice

[Journal Of Bone And Mineral Metabolism] The authors investigated the functional role of Igf1 in fibrocartilage stem cells for temporomandibular jointcartilage growth and homeostasis by lineage tracing using Gli1-CreER+; Tmflfl mice and conditional Igf1 deletion using Gli1-/Col2-CreER+; Igf1fl/fl mice.

Differentiation of Human Spermatogonial Stem Cells Using a Human Decellularized Testicular Scaffold Supplemented by Platelet-Rich Plasma

[Artificial Organs] Spermatogonial stem cells were cultured on the human decellularized testicular matrix for four weeks. The viability and the expression of differentiation genes were evaluated by MTT and real-time PCR, respectively.

Lysyl Hydroxylase LH1 Promotes Confined Migration and Metastasis of Cancer Cells by Stabilizing Septin2 to Enhance Actin Network

[Molecular Cancer] LC–MS was applied to determine the differentially expressed proteins between hepatocellular carcinoma tissues and corresponding adjacent tissue. Collective migration and single cell migration microfluidic devices with 6 μm-high confined channels were designed and fabricated to mimic the in vivo confined space.

Indole-3-Propionic Acid Alleviates Chondrocytes Inflammation and Osteoarthritis via the AhR/NF-κB Axis

[Molecular Medicine] IL-1β was utilized to induce chondrocyte inflammation. The cytotoxicity of indole-3-propionic acid on rat chondrocytes was assessed. RT-qPCR, Griess reaction, ELISA, Western blot and immunofluorescence were performed to evaluate the expression of inflammatory factors and stromal proteins.

Macrophage-Derived GPNMB Trapped by Fibrotic Extracellular Matrix Promotes Pulmonary Fibrosis

[Communications Biology] The macrophage-derived glycoprotein nonmetastatic melanoma protein B captured by fibrotic ECM may activate resident normal fibroblasts around the fibrotic foci.

Intra-Corneal Implantation of 3D Bioprinted Scaffolds Containing Mesenchymal Stromal Cells using Femtosecond-Laser-Assisted Intrastromal Keratoplasty

[Macromolecular Bioscience] Ex vivo cultured, MSC-loaded 3D bioprinted structures remained intact, supported cell survival and contained de novo synthesized extracellular matrix components and migrating cells throughout the observation period.

NHLBI Funds Bae’s Continuing Research on Arterial Stiffness

[University of Buffalo] Dr. Yongho Bae, assistant professor of pathology and anatomical sciences, has been awarded a five-year, $2.9 million grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to continue his research into the effects of arterial stiffness on cardiovascular disease.

Metabolic Reprogramming Heterogeneity in Chronic Kidney Disease

[FEBS Open Bio] Emerging evidence suggests that alterations in metabolism are not only a feature of but also play an influential role in the pathogenesis of renal fibrosis.

Different Decellularization Methods in Bovine Lung Tissue Reveals Distinct Biochemical Composition, Stiffness, and Viscoelasticity in Reconstituted Hydrogels

[ACS Applied Bio Materials] Investigators established bovine lung tissue decellularization for the first time via pursuing four different protocols and characterization of reconstituted decellularized lung ECM hydrogels for biochemical and mechanical properties.

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