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Temporal Profiling of the Breast Tumor Microenvironment Reveals Collagen XII as a Driver of Metastasis

[Nature Communications] Using temporal proteomic profiling of decellularized tumours, researchers interrogated the evolving matrisome during breast cancer progression.

Exosomes Rewire the Cartilage Microenvironment in Osteoarthritis: From Intercellular Communication to Therapeutic Strategies

[International Journal of Oral Science] The authors summarize the current insight regarding the biogenesis and function of exosomes and their potential as therapeutic tools targeting cell-to-cell communication in osteoarthritis (OA), suggesting new realms to improve OA management.

Synaptotagmin-13 Orchestrates Pancreatic Endocrine Cell Egression and Islet Morphogenesis

[Nature Communications] By internalizing a subset of plasma membrane proteins at the front domain, including α6β4 integrins, Syt13 modulated cell-matrix adhesion and allowed efficient endocrine cell egression.

Wound Healing in Aged Skin Exhibits Systems-Level Alterations in Cellular Composition and Cell-Cell Communication

[Cell Reports] Scientists used single-cell RNA sequencing to define the epithelial, fibroblast, immune cell types, and encompassing heterogeneities in young and aged skin during homeostasis and identified major changes in cell compositions, kinetics, and molecular profiles during wound healing.

Peptide Nanogels as a Scaffold for Fabricating Dermal Grafts and 3D Vascularized Skin Models

[Journal of Tissue Engineering] Investigators tested the efficacy of ultrashort tetrameric peptides for the fabrication of dermal grafts and 3D vascularized skin tissue models.

Effects of Protease Inhibitors on Dentin Erosion: An In Situ Study

[Clinical Oral Investigations] Researchers evaluated the effects of the inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases and cysteine cathepsins on dentin erosion.

ADAMTS10 Inhibits Aggressiveness via JAK/STAT/C-MYC Pathway and Reprograms Macrophage to Create an Anti-malignant Microenvironment in Gastric Cancer

[Gastric Cancer] Scientists unveiled the role of a disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 10 (ADAMTS10) in gastric cancer.

Sulfated Glycosaminoglycans Inhibit Transglutaminase 2 by Stabilizing Its Closed Conformation

[Scientific Reports] The authors investigated the recognition of glycosaminoglycans derivatives by transglutaminase 2 using an enzyme-crosslinking activity assay in combination with in silico molecular modeling and docking techniques.

Origin of Critical Nature and Stability Enhancement in Collagen Matrix Based Biomaterials: Comprehensive Modification Technologies

[International Journal of Biological Macromolecules] Various existing modification methods are classified from a new perspective, scilicet whether to introduce exogenous substances, to reveal the basic scientific theories of collagen modification.

Regenative Labs and AAPC Announce Collaboration to Further Healthcare Compliance

[Regenative Labs (Cision US, Inc.)] Regenative Labs and AAPC announced a strategic healthcare compliance collaboration. By combining AAPC's medical training and credentialing expertise with Regenative Labs' human tissue allografts, together both organizations will support the pioneering of the first Wharton's jelly allografts to be approved for application directly to a defect using a syringe.

Growth Factor and Cytokine Delivery Systems for Wound Healing

[Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology] Short half-life, poor stability, rapid diffusion, uncontrolled signaling, and systemic side effects are currently the key challenges to developing efficient growth factor- and cytokine-based therapies.

In Mouse Chronic Pancreatitis CD25+FOXP3+ Regulatory T Cells Control Pancreatic Fibrosis by Suppression of the Type 2 Immune Response

[Nature Communications] The authors identified regulatory T cells as central regulators of the fibroinflammatory reaction by a selective depletion of FOXP3-positive cells in a transgenic mouse model of experimental chronic pancreatitis.

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