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ECM-Inspired Hydrogels with ADSCs Encapsulation for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

[Advanced Science] Scientists proposed a novel ECM-inspired injectable hydrogel for adipose-derived stem cells encapsulation and rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

Bardoxolone Methyl Ameliorates Osteoarthritis by Inhibiting Osteoclastogenesis and Protecting the Extracellular Matrix against Degradation

[Heliyon] Scientists showed that bardoxolone methyl inhibited nuclear factor-κB ligand-induced osteoclast formation and ECM degradation by activating the Nrf2/HO-1 signaling pathways and inhibiting NF-κB pathway activation and excess reactive oxygen species production.

Mechanically Primed Cells Transfer Memory to Fibrous Matrices for Invasion across Environments of Distinct Stiffness and Dimensionality

[Molecular Biology of the Cell] The authors showed that cells previously primed on stiff matrices, compared to soft, generated higher forces to remodel collagen fibers and promoted invasion.

Polymeric Extracellular Matrix Nanoremodeler for Activatable Cancer Photo-Immunotherapy

[Angewandte Chemie-International Edition] Researchers reported a semiconducting polymer-based ECM nanoremodele for activatable cancer photo-immunotherapy, which has photodynamic antitumor activity, and cancer-specific inhibition of collagen-crosslinking enzymes.

Photocontrolled DNA Nanotubes as Stiffness Tunable Matrices for Controlling Cellular Behavior

[Nanoscale] Scientists created photocontrolled stiffness-tunable DNA nanotubes which could undergo reversible changes in their conformation upon UV and VIS irradiation.

Extracellular Matrix Stiffness Mediates Uterine Repair via the Rap1a/ARHGAP35/RhoA/F-actin/YAP Axis

[Cell Communication and Signaling] The authors showed that the disturbance of mechanical cue homeostasis occurs after uterine injury and identified YAP as a sensor of biophysical forces that drives endometrial regeneration.

Bone ECM-Inspired Biomineralization Chitin Whisker Liquid Crystal Hydrogels for Bone Regeneration

[International Journal of Biological Macromolecules] Investigators reported a novel kind of bone ECM-inspired biomineralization chitin whisker liquid crystal (LC) hydrogels. Photocurable chitin whisker LC hydrogels with bone ECM-like chiral nematic LC state and viscoelasticity were created.

Scleraxis-Lineage Cells Are Required for Tendon Homeostasis and Their Depletion Induces an Accelerated Extracellular Matrix Aging Phenotype

[Elife] Scientists developed a novel model of accelerated tendon ECM aging via depletion of Scleraxis-lineage cells in young mice (Scx-DTR). Scx-DTR recapitulated many aspects of tendon aging including comparable declines in cellularity, alterations in ECM structure, organization, and composition.

Pancreatic Islets Implanted in an Irreversible Electroporation Generated Extracellular Matrix in the Liver

[Radiology and Oncology] Researchers showed that pancreatic islets could become incorporated and function in a non-thermal irreversible electroporation-generated ECM niche, albeit at a low success rate.

Aston University Researchers Collaborate with Biotechnology Start-Up to Develop Drugs to Tackle Irreversible Lung Disease

[Aston University] Aston University announced that they are working with start-up company, Isterian Biotech, part of Cambrian BioPharma, to develop novel drugs to treat fibrotic diseases such as lung disease.

Biomaterials Tools To Modulate the Tumor Microenvironment in Immunotherapy

[Nature Reviews Bioengineering] Investigators introduce hallmarks of the tumor microenvironment (TME) and discuss biomaterials and nanomedicine technologies that can regulate the TME of solid tumors to improve the efficacy of different types of immunotherapy.

A 3D Multifunctional Bi-layer Scaffold to Regulate Stem Cell Behaviors and Promote Osteochondral Regeneration

[Journal of Materials Chemistry B] Researchers developed a 3D multifunctional bi-layer scaffold composed of a kartogenin (KGN)-loaded GelMA hydrogel as an upper layer mimicking a cartilage-specific ECM and a hydroxyapatite-coated 3D printed polycaprolactone porous scaffold as a lower layer simulating subchondral bone.

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