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ER-Mitochondria Association Negatively Affects Wound Healing by Regulating NLRP3 Activation

[Cell Death & Disease] Researchers showed that the oxazolidinone antibiotic linezolid impaired wound healing by aberrantly increasing interleukin 1 β production in keratinocytes.

3D Bioprinting of Dense Cellular Structures within Hydrogels with Spatially Controlled Heterogeneity

[Biofabrication] Investigators presented a bioprinting approach involving printing of a photocurable viscous support layer and bioprinting of a cell-only or cell-laden bioink within this viscous layer followed by brief exposure to light to partially crosslink the support layer.

Tumor Microenvironment Programming by an RNA–RNA-Binding Protein Complex Creates a Druggable Vulnerability in IDH-Wild-Type Glioblastoma

[Nature Cell Biology] To enhance therapeutic options, researchers investigated the unique RNA–RNA-binding protein complex LOC–DHX15.

Focused Ultrasound Blood-Brain-Barrier Opening

[Nature Communications] The authors demonstrate that FOXA2 bound distinct classes of developmental enhancers in multiple androgen receptor-independent prostate cancer subtypes, with its binding depending on LSD1.

RhoJ: An Emerging Biomarker and Target in Cancer Research and Treatment

[Cancer Gene Therapy] There are various cancer treatment methods that target RhoJ signaling, such as direct binding to inhibit the RhoJ effector pocket, inhibiting RhoJ expression, blocking RhoJ upstream and downstream signals, and indirectly inhibiting RhoJ’s effect.

Exploiting Ferroptosis Vulnerabilities in Cancer

[Nature Cell Biology] Scientists review recent advances in our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that underlie ferroptosis and highlight available tools for the modulation of ferroptosis sensitivity in cancer cells and communication with immune cells within the tumor microenvironment.

Distinct Origin and Region-Dependent Contribution of Stromal Fibroblasts to Fibrosis Following Traumatic Injury in Mice

[Nature Neuroscience] Investigators showed that stromal fibroblasts forming the fibrotic scar derived from two populations of perivascular cells after spinal cord injury in adult mice of both sexes.

Advanced Material Technologies for Space and Terrestrial Medicine

[Nature Reviews Materials] Investigators explore the use of material technologies for delivery of space medicine in the context of health maintenance and preventive care, as well as treatment for non-emergency and emergency needs.

Regenerative Medicine Act Passes Final Reading at Legislature

[Focus Taiwan] The Regenerative Medicine Act passed a third and final reading at the Legislative Yuan June 4th, with conditions set for two exceptional uses.

Enhanced Tumor Site Accumulation and Therapeutic Efficacy of Extracellular Matrix-Drug Conjugates Targeting Tumor Cells

[Small] The ECM-DOX nanoparticles exhibited rod-like morphology, boasting a commendable drug loading capacity of 4.58%, coupled with acid-sensitive drug release characteristics.

Magnetically Actuated GelMA-Based Scaffolds as a Strategy to Generate Complex Bioprinted Tissues

[Advanced Materials Technologies] Researchers reported the generation of skeletal muscle tissue-like complex structures is demonstrated by 3D bioprinting of GelMA-based C2C12 mouse myoblast-laden bio-ink on a polymeric magnetic actuator that enables on-demand shape transformation under a magnetic field.

Ferroptosis-Related lncRNAs: Distinguishing Heterogeneity of the Tumour Microenvironment and Predicting Immunotherapy Response in Bladder Cancer

[Heliyon] Investigators explored the correlation between FLPS and immunotherapy-related indicators. The ability of FLPS to forecast the effectiveness of immunotherapy was validated by the elevated levels of immune checkpoint genes in the group at high risk.

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