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Stricter US Guidelines for ‘Gain-of-Function’ Research Are on the Way — Maybe

[Nature] A panel of experts joined a meeting of the US National Science Advisory Board of Biosecurity, discussing on issues such as how privately funded risky research would be regulated, the role of research institutions in identifying potentially dangerous research, and much more.

A Clinically Feasible Circulating Tumor Cell Sorting System for Monitoring the Progression of Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma

[Journal of Nanobiotechnology] Epithelial cell adhesion molecule/vimentin/Glypican-3 antibody-modified lipid magnetic spheres were used to capture tumor cells with epithelial phenotype in order to capture more circulating tumor cells with a more comprehensive phenotype for monitoring tumor metastasis.

Immune Checkpoint HLA-E:CD94-NKG2A Mediates Evasion of Circulating Tumor Cells from NK Cell Surveillance

[Cancer Cell] Researchers characterized the transcriptomes of human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma circulating tumor cells, primary, and metastatic lesions at single-cell scale.

Compound Nanoemulsion Combined with Differentiation/Cytotoxicity Drugs for Modulating Breast Cancer Stemness

[Molecular Pharmaceutics] In vivo antitumor efficacy showed that the compound nanoemulsion could reduce the proportion of breast cancer stem cells to 1.18% by inhibiting the expression of Pin1.

Enhancer Remodeling Drives MLL Oncogene-Dependent Transcriptional Dysregulation in Leukemia Stem Cells

[Blood Advances] The authors delineated the active enhancer landscape and observed pervasive enhancer malfunction in leukemia stem cells.

Extracellular Vesicles Secreted by Triple Negative Breast Cancer Stem Cells Trigger Pre-Metastatic Niche Remodeling and Metastatic Growth in the Lungs

[International Journal of Cancer] Researchers selectively isolated and characterized extracellular vesicles from CSC or differentiated cancer cells from the MDA-MB-231 triple negative breast cancer cell line.

Novel Terpestacin Derivatives with L-amino Acid Residue as Anticancer Agents against U87MG-Derived Glioblastoma Stem Cells

[Bioorganic Chemistry] Investigators evaluated the anticancer activities of 17 novel terpestacin derivatives against U87MG-derived glioblastoma stem cells.

HERC2 Promotes Inflammation-Driven Cancer Stemness and Immune Evasion in Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Activating STAT3 Pathway

[Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research] Researchers sought to identify the new target that was involved in inflammation-related liver tumorigenesis.

Tumor Stemness Score to Estimate Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) and Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) Characterization and to Predict the Prognosis and Immunotherapy Response in Bladder...

[Stem Cell Research & Therapy] Investigators explored biomarkers of tumor stemness (TS) by single-cell sequencing analysis. Subtypes of bladder urothelial carcinoma were identified using clustering analysis based on TS biomarkers.

Mutated Axon Guidance Gene PLXNB2 Sustains Growth and Invasiveness of Stem Cells Isolated from Cancers of Unknown Primary

[Embo Molecular Medicine] Scientists found that a novel activating mutation of the axon guidance gene PLXNB2 sustained proliferative autonomy and confered invasive properties to stem cells isolated from cancers of unknown primary.

Cancer Stem Cells: Recent Insights and Therapies

[Biochemical Pharmacology] Scientists discuss the latest insights into characteristics, markers and mechanism of CSCs and describe the crosstalk between CSCs and other cells in tumor microenvironment.

Leukemic Stem Cells and Therapy Resistance in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

[Haematologica] The authors discuss leukemic stem cell (LSC) biology and associated resistance mechanisms, potential therapeutic LSC vulnerabilities and current clinical trial activities.

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