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Cancer Stem Cells Are Actually Stem Cells With Disordered Differentiation: The Monophyletic Origin of Cancer

[Stem Cell Reviews and Reports] Scientists propose a monophyletic origin of cancer model which suggests that CSCs are stem cells that lose control of differentiation.

Chromatin and Noncoding RNA-Mediated Mechanisms of Gastric Tumorigenesis

[Experimental & Molecular Medicine] The authors focus on discussing recent discoveries addressing the roles of histone modifiers and noncoding RNAs and the mechanisms of their interactions in gastric tumorigenesis.

METTL3 Knockdown Promotes Temozolomide Sensitivity of Glioma Stem Cells via Decreasing MGMT and APNG mRNA Stability

[Cell Death Discovery] Scientists found that the cell viability and half-maximal inhibitory concentration of glioma stem cells (GSCs) against temozolomide significantly decreased after GSCs underwent serum-induced differentiation to adherent growth of tumor cells.

Loss of RanGAP1 Drives Chromosome Instability and Rapid Tumorigenesis of Osteosarcoma

[Developmental Cell] Researchers showed that reduction and inactivation of Ran GTPase-activating protein 1 (RanGAP1) commonly occur in human osteosarcoma, which was associated with a high rate of chromothripsis.

A Simple and Sensitive Electrochemical Biosensor for Circulating Tumor Cell Determination Based on Dual-Toehold Accelerated Catalytic Hairpin Assembly

[Microchimica Acta] Investigators have established an enzyme-free, easy-to-operate, and nondisruptive method for detecting circulating tumor cells in blood circulation based on the dual-toehold accelerated catalytic hairpin assembly strategy.

Tetrandrine Inhibits Cancer Stem Cell Characteristics and Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer via SOD1/ROS Signaling Pathway

[American Journal Of Chinese Medicine] The effects of tetrandrine on cell growth, cell viability, cell stemness capacity, cell migration, and cell invasion, as well as the molecules involved in these processes, were investigated in a cell culture system.

MUC1 Promotes Cancer Stemness and Predicts Poor Prognosis in Osteosarcoma

[Pathology Research And Practice] Scientists observed elevated myxoprotein 1 (MUC1) in osteosarcoma and a depressed prognosis in patients with high MUC1 expression profiles.

A Curcumin Analogue GO-Y030 Depletes Cancer Stem Cells by Inhibiting the Interaction between the HSP70/HSP40 Complex and Its Substrates

[FEBS Open Bio] The authors verified the potency of GO-Y030 against a CSC population and observed that GO-Y030 suppressed CSC sphere-forming ability in several cancer cell lines.

Targeting De Novo Lipid Synthesis Induces Lipotoxicity and Impairs DNA Damage Repair in Glioblastoma Mouse Models

[Science Translational Medicine] Investigators reported that YTX-7739 triggered lipotoxicity in patient-derived glioblastoma stem-like cells (GSCs) and inhibits fatty acid desaturation in GSCs orthotopically implanted in mice.

Gabor Tigyi Receives Prestigious International Award for Research

[The University of Tennessee Health Science Center] Dr. Gabor Tigyi of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, was announced as the receipient of the 2022 Dénes Gábor Prize for scientific innovation.

Basal-Like Mammary Carcinomas Stimulate Cancer Stem Cell Properties through AXL-Signaling to Induce Chemotherapy Resistance

[International Journal of Cancer] The authors leveraged the WAP-T syngeneic mammary carcinoma mouse model and developed a strategy combining magnetic-activated cell sorting-based tumor cell enrichment with high-throughput transcriptome analyses.

Molecular Subtypes Based on Cuproptosis-Related Genes and Tumor Microenvironment Infiltration Characteristics in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

[Cancer Cell International] Expression profiles of 10 cuproptosis-related genes and their association with patient survival, tumor microenvironment, cancer stemness and drug resistance were studied in 33 cancer types using the TCGA pan-cancer data.

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