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    2021-11-24 | CSCN 10.46

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    Vol. 10.46 – 24 November, 2021

    ABHD5 Inhibits YAP-Induced C-Met Overexpression and Colon Cancer Cell Stemness via Suppressing YAP Methylation

    Researchers showed that loss of ABHD5 promoted c-Met activation to sustain colorectal cancer stemness in a non-canonical manner.
    [Nature Communications]

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    The Sulfiredoxin-Peroxiredoxin Redox System Regulates the Stemness and Survival of Colon Cancer Stem Cells

    Scientists assessed the role of the sulfiredoxin-peroxiredoxin redox system and mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation in maintaining the stemness and survival of colon CSCs.
    [Redox Biology]

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    Autophagy Regulates the Cancer Stem Cell Phenotype of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma through the Noncanonical FOXO3/SOX2 Axis

    The mechanism by which autophagy affects the self-renewal of CSCs remains unclear. Researchers investigated whether autophagy activation contributed to CSC properties of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

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    The IVF-Generated Human Embryonic Microenvironment Reverses Progestin Resistance in Endometrial Cancer Cells by Inducing Cancer Stem Cell Differentiation

    Scientists found that progestin resistance of endometrial CSCs could be improved or reversed by using in vitro fertilization (IVF)-generated embryonic sac-derived fluid containing the embryonic microenvironment.
    [Cancer Letters]


    TMPRSS4 Promotes Cancer Stem–Like Properties in Prostate Cancer Cells through Upregulation of SOX2 by SLUG and TWIST1

    The authors investigated whether transmembrane serine protease 4 (TMPRSS4) confered cancer stem–like properties to prostate cancer cells and characterized the underlying mechanisms.
    [Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research]

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    Metabolic Stress Induces GD2+ Cancer Stem Cell-Like Phenotype in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

    Researchers tested the hypothesis that metabolic stress induced breast cancer stem-like cell phenotype in triple-negative breast cancer.
    [British Journal of Cancer]


    Circular RNA circPIP5K1A Contributes to Cancer Stemness of Osteosarcoma by miR-515-5p/YAP Axis

    Circular RNA (circRNA) is a unique sort of non-coding RNAs and widely participate in the modulation of cancer progression. Investigators identified the critical function of circRNA circPIP5K1A in stemness of osteosarcoma cells.
    [Journal of Translational Medicine]

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    ZRANB1 Enhances Stem-Cell-Like Features and Accelerates Tumor Progression by Regulating Sox9-Mediated USP22/Wnt/β-Catenin Pathway in Colorectal Cancer

    Scientists examined the regulatory effects of tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor-binding protein domain (ZRANB1) on the maintenance of CSC properties and tumor growth in colorectal cancer.
    [Cellular Signalling]


    GLRX3, a Novel Cancer Stem Cell-Related Secretory Biomarker of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

    Secretome analysis was performed in pancreatic CSC-enriched spheres and controlled adherent cells for biomarker discovery.
    [BMC Cancer]

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    Heterogeneity of BCSCs Contributes to the Metastatic Organotropism of Breast Cancer

    Scientists summarize current clinical trials, which assessed the safety and efficacy of breast cancer stem cells-related therapies.
    [Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research]

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    First Subject Dosed in Biosplice Therapeutics Phase Ib Clinical Trial in Oncology

    Biosplice Therapeutics, Inc. announced the dosing of the first subject in a Phase Ib, open-label, multicenter, dose-escalation, dose expansion clinical trial of cirtuvivint in subjects with advanced solid tumors.
    [Biosplice Therapeutics, Inc.]

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