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    2022-03-30 | CSCN 11.12

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    Vol. 11.12 – 30 March, 2022

    FOXK2 Promotes Ovarian Cancer Stemness by Regulating the Unfolded Protein Response Pathway

    Through comparative chromatin state and gene expression analyses in ovarian CSCs vs. non-CSCs, researchers identified FOXK2 as a highly expressed stemness-specific transcription factor in ovarian cancer.
    [Journal of Clinical Investigation]

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    Survey results on the insights and hurdles of CRISPR genome editing.
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    FOSL1 Promotes Proneural-to-Mesenchymal Transition of Glioblastoma Stem Cells via UBC9/CYLD/NF-κB Axis

    Researchers reported that FOSL1, a component of AP-1 transcription factor complexes, was a key player in regulating proneural to mesenchymal transition. FOSL1 was predominantly expressed in the mesenchymal subtype, but not the proneural subtype of glioblastoma stem cells.
    [Molecular Therapy]

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    Low-Temperature Plasma-Activated Medium Inhibited Proliferation and Progression of Lung Cancer by Targeting the PI3K/Akt and MAPK Pathways

    Scientists explored the effect of the plasma-activated medium on lung cancer cells in vitro and in vivo by using a 3D cell culture model.
    [Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity]

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    Exosomal DEK Removes Chemoradiotherapy Resistance by Triggering Quiescence Exit of Breast Cancer Stem Cells

    Scientists identified and isolated chemoradiotherapy-resistant CSCs in quiescent state with high capacity of tumor-initiation and tumorsphere formation from three types of breast tumors in mice.


    TGFβ Selects for Pro-Stemness over Pro-Invasive Phenotypes during Cancer Cell Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition

    Whether TGFβ promoted stemness and invasiveness simultaneously via epithelial-mesenchymal transition remains unclear. The authors established a breast cancer cell model expressing red fluorescent protein under the E-cadherin promoter.
    [Molecular Oncology]

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    Local Anesthetic Levobupivacaine Inhibits Stemness of Osteosarcoma Cells by Epigenetically Repressing MAFB Though Reducing KAT5 Expression

    Scientists identified that the treatment of levobupivacaine suppressed the proliferation of osteosarcoma cells in vitro, and suggested that it might act as a potential therapeutic candidate for osteosarcoma by targeting CSCs.

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    A Bioinspired Redox-Modulating Copper(II)–Macrocyclic Complex Bearing Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs with Anti-Cancer Stem Cell Activity

    Investigators reported a biologically stable copper(II) complex based on the active site of type I copper electron transport proteins.
    [Dalton Transactions]

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    Suppressive Effect of α-Mangostin for Cancer Stem Cells in Colorectal Cancer via the Notch Pathway

    Scientists evaluated the selective inhibition of α-mangostin on CSCs in colorectal cancer and the suppressive effect on 5-fluorouracil-induced CSCs.
    [BMC Cancer]

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    Ubiquitin-Specific Protease 1 Inhibition Sensitizes Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells to Doxorubicin by Ubiquitinated Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen–Mediated Attenuation of Stemness

    Researchers investigated the effect of ubiquitin-specific protease 1 depletion with chemotherapeutant doxorubicin on hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
    [Anti-Cancer Drugs]


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    Cancer Stem Cell Markers for Urinary Carcinoma

    At present, the isolation and identification of CSCs from many solid tumors are still quite difficult, mainly due to the lack of specific molecular markers of CSCs. The authors summarize CSC surface markers and functional markers in the urinary system.
    [Stem Cells International]

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    OncoTEX Receives Notice of Allowance for Patent in Korea regarding Ovarian Cancer-Fighting Drug OxaliTEX

    OncoTEX, Inc. announced its novel cancer-fighting drug candidate, OxaliTEX, has received a notice of allowance for patent in Korea.
    [OncoTEX, Inc. (GlobeNewswire, Inc.)]

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