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    2023-04-19 | CSCN 12.15

    Cancer Stem Cell News by STEMCELL Technologies
    Vol. 12.15 – 19 April, 2023

    Single-Cell Spatial Analysis Identifies Regulators of Brain Tumor–Initiating Cells

    Investigators performed spatial transcriptomic and single-cell analyses of the mouse and human glioblastoma (GBM) microenvironment to dissect the impact of distinct anatomical regions of brains on GBM.
    [Cancer Research]

    Webinar on Modeling arrhythmias using hPSC-derived cardiomyocytes
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    AKT Blocks SIK1-Mediated Repression of STAT3 to Promote Breast Tumorigenesis

    Mass spectrometry–based analyses demonstrated that salt-inducible kinase 1 (SIK1) bound AKT and underwent AKT-mediated phosphorylation, which compromised SIK1 tumor-suppressive functions.
    [Cancer Research]

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    A Positive TGF-β/miR-9 Regulatory Loop Promotes the Expansion and Activity of Tumor-Initiating Cells in Breast Cancer

    A miR-9 knockout mode of mouse breast cancer MMTV-PyMT model combined with different human breast cancer cell lines were used to evaluate the effects of miR-9 on breast cancer initiation, progression, and metastasis.
    [British Journal of Pharmacology]


    Targeting DCLK1 Attenuates Tumor Stemness and Evokes Antitumor Immunity in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer by Inhibiting IL-6/STAT3 Signaling

    Investigators explored the impacts of doublecortin-like kinase 1 (DCLK1) on tumor cells as well as their immune microenvironment in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) and potential therapeutic strategies for TNBC patients with high DCLK1 expression.
    [Breast Cancer Research]

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    TM4SF1 Upregulates MYH9 to Activate the NOTCH Pathway to Promote Cancer Stemness and Lenvatinib Resistance in HCC

    Researchers found through abundant in vitro and in vivo experiments which the expression of TM4SF1 was positively correlated with the progression and cancer stemness of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).
    [Biology Direct]

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    Upregulation of the ZNF148/PTX3 Axis Promotes Malignant Transformation of Dendritic Cells in Glioma Stem-Like Cells Microenvironment

    Scientists observed the interaction between glioma stem cells and primary cultured dendritic cells (DCs) in a dual-color tracing model, monoclonal and continuously passaged highly proliferative DCs, and named transformed DCs.
    [CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics]

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    Ubiquitin-Proteasome System-Mediated Ubiquitination Modification Patterns and Characterization of Tumor Microenvironment Infiltration, Stemness, and Cellular Senescence in Low-Grade Glioma

    Ubiquitination modification patterns in low-grade glioma patients and corresponding characteristics of tumor immune traits, CSC stemness, and cellular senescence were evaluated via a comprehensive analysis of 20 ubiquitination modification regulators.

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    Aneuploid Subtypes of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) and Circulating Tumor-Derived Endothelial Cells (CTECs) Predict Overall Survival of Advanced Lung Cancer

    Fifty-two patients with advanced lung cancer were enrolled in this study. Using the subtraction enrichment-immunofluorescence in situ hybridization system, CTCs and CTECs derived from these patients were identified.
    [Frontiers in Oncology]


    NOTCH Pathway Inactivation Reprograms Stem-Like Oral Cancer Cells to JAK-STAT Dependent State and Provides the Opportunity of Synthetic Lethality

    Stem-like oral cancer cells were enriched in 3D-spheroids. Constitutively-active and inactive status of NOTCH pathway was achieved by genetic or pharmacological approaches.
    [Translational Oncology]

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    Metabolic Shift towards Oxidative Phosphorylation Reduces Cell-Density-Induced Cancer-Stem-Cell-Like Characteristics in Prostate Cancer In Vitro

    Researchers measured the expression levels of glycolysis and OXPHOS-related genes and performed spheroid forming, cell viability, and various glycolysis to investigate the Warburg effect and CSC-like characteristics in prostate cancer.
    [Biology Open]

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    Epigenetic Programing of Cancer Stemness by Transcription Factors-Non-Coding RNAs Interactions

    Scientists provide a comprehensive review of transcription factor-non-coding RNA interactions with implications on cancer stemness and in response to therapies.
    [Seminars in Cancer Biology]

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    Targeting Autophagy and Lipid Metabolism in Cancer Stem Cells

    The authors summarize thier current understanding of lipid metabolism in CSCs and how pharmacological regulation of autophagy and lipid metabolism influences CSC phenotype.
    [Biochemical Pharmacology]

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    Ecological Niches for Colorectal Cancer Stem Cell Survival and Thrival

    Investigators provide an overview of the normal cell-of-origin populations contributing to colorectal cancer stem cell reservoirs and the niche architecture on which CSCs depend at an early stage.
    [Frontiers in Oncology]

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    MSK Experts to Receive Prestigious Awards at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2023 Annual Meeting

    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center researchers will be honored at the 2023 AACR Annual Meeting for their significant contributions to cancer research and care.
    [Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center]

    Press Release

    IABCR 2023: 32nd International Association for Breast Cancer Research Conference

    May 1 – 4, 2022
    Riviera Maya, Mexico

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    Postdoctoral Researcher – Pancreatic Cancer

    UNMC Pancreatic Cancer Center of Excellence – Omaha, Nebraska, United States

    Postdoctoral Research Associate – Head and Neck Cancer

    University of Liverpool – Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

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    STEMCELL Technologies, Inc. – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Postdoctoral Scholar – Immunotherapy for Glioblastoma

    University of Southern California – Los Angeles, California, United States

    Postdoctoral Position – Cancer Metabolism, Epigenetics, Hematopoiesis

    University of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio, Texas, United States

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