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    2023-08-30 | CSCN 12.34

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    Vol. 12.34 – 30 August, 2023

    Netrin-1 Blockade Inhibits Tumor Associated Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells and Cancer Stemness and Alleviates Resistance to Chemotherapy and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor

    Scientists showed that netrin-1 was an independent prognostic marker for the clinical progression of breast and ovary cancers. They found a significant correlation between netrin-1 expression and CSC marker levels.
    [Cell Death & Differentiation]

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    Targeting LGSN Restores Sensitivity to Chemotherapy in Gastric Cancer Stem Cells by Triggering Pyroptosis

    Researchers presented evidence that lengsin, lens protein with glutamine synthetase domain (LGSN), was overexpressed in gastric CSCs and was highly correlated with malignant progression and poor survival in gastric cancer patients.
    [Cell Death & Disease]

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    SPDEF Enhances Cancer Stem Cell-Like Properties and Tumorigenesis through Directly Promoting GALNT7 Transcription in Luminal Breast Cancer

    The expressions and clinicopathological characteristics of SAM pointed domain containing ETS transcription factor (SPDEF) in luminal breast cancer patients were evaluated bioinformatically.
    [Cell Death & Disease]

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    TRPM7 Transactivates the FOSL1 Gene through STAT3 and Enhances Glioma Stemness

    Investigators determined the effects of FOSL1 on glioma stem cell markers CD133 and ALDH1 by flow cytometry and the maintenance of stem cell activity by extreme limiting dilution assays.
    [Cellular And Molecular Life Sciences]

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    WNT2–SOX4 Positive Feedback Loop Promotes Chemoresistance and Tumorigenesis by Inducing Stem-Cell Like Properties in Gastric Cancer

    The authors found that overexpression of WNT2 enhanced stemness properties to promote chemoresistance and tumorigenicity in gastric CSCs.


    The Role of m6A-Modified CircEPHB4 in Glioma Pathogenesis: Insights Into Cancer Stemness Metastasis

    The mRNA and protein expression were tested by qRT-PCR and Western blot, respectively. ChIP assay was performed to detect SRY-box transcription factor 2 enrichment on the Pleckstrin Homology Like Domain Family B Member 2 promoter.
    [Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology]

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    Environmental-Relevant Bisphenol A Exposure Promotes Ovarian Cancer Stemness by Regulating MicroRNA Biogenesis

    Scientists showed for the first time that nanomolar concentration of bisphenol A could markedly increase the formation and expansion of ovarian CSCs concomitant.
    [Journal Of Cellular And Molecular Medicine]

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    Effect of Microserum Environment Stimulation on Extraction and Biological Function of Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells

    Colorectal CSCs were enriched in standard serum-free medium and serum-free medium with different concentrations of serum for one week.
    [Discover Oncology]

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    Identification of a Gene Set That Maintains Tumorigenicity of the Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line Li-7

    Investigators identified the mechanisms of tumorigenicity in CD13+CD166 cells. They compared gene expression profiles of CD13+CD166 cells with other cell sub-populations and identified nine overexpressed genes.
    [Human Cell]

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    Transcriptional Factor BRD4 Promotes the Stemness of Esophageal Cancer by Activating the Nuclear PD-L1/RelB Axis

    Researchers investigated the role of programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) in esophageal CSC (ECSC) formation. ECSCs were enriched and characterized using various assays.
    [Environmental Toxicology]

    hPSC-derived cardiomycyte generated by STEMdiff™ Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Kit

    Adipocyte Regulation of Cancer Stem Cells

    The authors discuss various molecular mechanisms by which adipocytes regulate CSCs, including secretion of adipokines, extracellular matrix production, biosynthesis of estrogen, metabolism, and exosome.
    [Cancer Science]

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    UBC Researchers Receive Nearly $5 Million for Cancer Research

    Two teams of UBC researchers have received $4.8 million to advance cancer research from the 2023 Terry Fox New Frontiers Program Project Grant competition.
    [University of British Columbia]

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    US Extends Science Pact with China: What It Means for Research

    The US government has extended for six months a key symbolic agreement to cooperate with China in science and technology.

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    BioCon Asia 2023 – Advanced Cell & Gene Therapy (ACGT) Conference

    October 12 – 13, 2023
    Singapore & Virtual

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    Postdoctoral Fellow – Tumor Immunology

    National Cancer Institute – Bethesda, Maryland, United States

    Postdoctoral Scientist – Cancer Research Cluster

    Cedars-Sinai – Los Angeles, California, United States

    Postdoctoral Position – Osteosarcoma

    National Cancer Institute – Bethesda, Maryland, United States

    Clinical Research Associate – Breast Cancer

    Cedars-Sinai – Los Angeles, California, United States

    Postdoctoral Researcher – Molecular Biology of Colorectal Cancer

    SciLifeLab – Solna, Sweden

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