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    2024-01-10 | CSCN 13.00

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    Vol. 13.00 – 10 January, 2024

    Lymphatic Endothelial-Like Cells Promote Glioblastoma Stem Cell Growth through Cytokine-Driven Cholesterol Metabolism

    Investigators showed that lymphatic endothelial-like cells, while previously unrecognized in brain parenchyma, were present in glioblastomas and promoted growth of CCR7-positive glioblastoma stem cells through CCL21 secretion.
    [Nature Cancer]

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    TMIGD2 Is an Orchestrator and Therapeutic Target on Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia Stem Cells

    Researchers showed that transmembrane and immunoglobulin domain containing 2 (TMIGD2), a recently discovered co-stimulatory immune receptor, was aberrantly expressed by human AML cells, and could be used to identify and enrich functional leukemia stem cells.
    [Nature Communications]

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    Stabilization of Pin1 by USP34 Promotes Ubc9 Isomerization and Protein Sumoylation in Glioma Stem Cells

    Scientists demonstrated that peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase NIMA-interacting 1 (Pin1) was deubiquitinated and stabilized by USP34, which promoted isomerization of the sole SUMO E2 enzyme Ubc9, leading to SUMO1-modified hypersumoylation to support glioma stem cell maintenance.
    [Nature Communications]

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    Cancer Associated Fibroblasts Serve as an Ovarian Cancer Stem Cell Niche through Noncanonical Wnt5a Signaling

    Using heterotypic cancer associated fibroblast (CAF)-ovarian cancer (OC) cocultures and in vivo limiting dilution assay, the authors confirmed that the CAFs acted by enriching the CSC population.
    [npj Precision Oncology]

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    The Paracaspase MALT1 Controls Cholesterol Homeostasis in Glioblastoma Stem-Like Cells through Lysosome Proteome Shaping

    By combining RNA sequencing with proteome-wide label-free quantification, investigators reported that MALT1 repression in patient-derived glioblastoma stem-like cells altered the homeostasis of cholesterol, which accumulated in late endosomes-lysosomes.
    [Cell Reports]

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    NELF and PAF1C Complexes Are Core Transcriptional Machineries Controlling Colon Cancer Stemness

    Scientists found that inducible inhibition of β-catenin suppressed elongation of Pol II and RNA polymerase-associated factor 1 complex (PAF1C) around the transcription start site (TSS) of LGR5.

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    TC2N Inhibits Distant Metastasis and Stemness of Breast Cancer via Blocking Fatty Acid Synthesis

    Tumor tissues of 212 breast cancer patients were subjected to tissue microarray and further assessed the associations of tandem C2 domains, nuclear (TC2N) expression with pathological parameters and FASN expression.
    [Journal of Translational Medicine]

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    MUC1-C Is a Target of Salinomycin in Inducing Ferroptosis of Cancer Stem Cells

    In screening for small molecules, the authors identified salinomycin, an inducer of ferroptosis, as a potent inhibitor of MUC1-C signaling.
    [Cell Death Discovery]

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    Transcriptomic Analysis Identifies B-Lymphocyte Kinase as a Therapeutic Target for Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor Cancer Stem Cell-Like Cells

    RNA-seq was performed to elucidate transcriptional alterations between desmoplastic small round cell tumor cells grown in CSC-like spheres and normal 2-dimensional adherent state.

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    Resveratrol and p53: How Are They Involved in CRC Plasticity and Apoptosis?

    Investigators summarize the latest published research on resveratrol’s effect in the prevention of CRC, its regulatory actions, specifically on the p53 pathway, and its treatment options.
    [Journal of Advanced Research]

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    New Trial of ‘Pill-on-a-Thread’ Brings Screening for Esophageal Cancer Closer

    The BEST4 trial launched at Addenbrooke’s Hospital was the final step to see if the capsule sponge, known as the pill-on-a-thread, can prevent oesophageal cancer when used to screen or monitor those most at risk of the disease.
    [University of Cambridge]

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    NCI Grant Funds New Cancer Research Opportunities for UAB and Samford Students

    Dr. Elizabeth E. Brown and Dr. Lalita Shevde-Samant are co-leading a new research education program entitled University of Alabama at Birmingham Enhancing Research in Cancer-related Health Professions with support from the National Cancer Institute.
    [The University of Alabama at Birmingham]

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    EASL Liver Cancer Summit 2024

    February 22 – 24, 2024
    Rotterdam, Netherlands

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