Cancer Stem Cell News Volume 12.40 | Nov 1 2023


    2024-011-01 | CSCN 12.40

    Cancer Stem Cell News by STEMCELL Technologies
    Vol. 12.40 – 1 November, 2023

    BRD9-Mediated Control of the TGF-β/Activin/Nodal Pathway Regulates Self-Renewal and Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Progression of Cancer Cells

    Investigators demonstrated that impaired bromodomain-containing protein 9 (BRD9) function reduced the self-renewal capacity of human embryonic stem cells and altered their differentiation potential.
    [Nucleic Acids Research]

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    UGDH Promotes Tumor-Initiating Cells and a Fibroinflammatory Tumor Microenvironment in Ovarian Cancer

    To target tumor-initiating cells (TICs) to prevent recurrence, researchers identified genes critical for TIC viability from a whole genome siRNA screen. A top hit was the cancer-associated, proteoglycan subunit synthesis enzyme UDP-glucose dehydrogenase (UGDH).
    [Journal Of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research]

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    A Conserved ZFX/WNT3 Axis Modulates the Growth and Imatinib Response of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Stem/Progenitor Cells

    Researchers identified a novel zinc finger protein X-linked (ZFX)/WNT3 axis that modulated the growth and imatinib mesylate response of chronic myeloid leukemia stem/progenitor cells.
    [Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters]

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    mTOR Inhibition Abrogates Human Mammary Stem Cells and Early Breast Cancer Progression Markers

    The authors analyzed a large number of human breast tissues for their basal and luminal cell composition with flow cytometry and their stem and progenitor cell function with sphere formation assay with respect to age and menopausal status in connection with a clinical study.
    [Breast Cancer Research]

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    Veliparib (ABT-888), a PARP Inhibitor Potentiates the Cytotoxic Activity of 5-Fluorouracil by Inhibiting MMR Pathway through Deregulation of MSH6 in Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells

    5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) caused DNA damage and ABT-888 enhanced the accumulation of the DNA lesions by inhibiting the mismatch repair repair pathway in 5-FU-pre-treated MMR-proficient-colorectal cancer-CSCs. This resulted in S-phase arrest, induction of apoptosis, and finally CSCs death.
    [Expert Opinion On Therapeutic Targets]

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    AS602801 Treatment Suppresses Breast Cancer Metastasis to the Brain by Interfering with Gap-Junction Communication by Regulating Cx43 Expression

    Investigators studied the molecular mechanism underlying the role of AS602801 in the treatment of brain metastasis in breast cancer. They utilized female athymic BALB/c nude mice and MDA-MB-231/BT-474BR cells to establish experimental models.
    [Drug Development Research]


    Evaluation of Cell Surface Vimentin Positive Circulating Tumor Cells as a Prognostic Biomarker for Stage III/IV Colorectal Cancer

    Researchers investigated the circulating tumor cells (CTC) phenotypes and their prognostic implications in stage III/IV colorectal cancer. Patients who were diagnosed with CRC and underwent CTC detection at two hospitals were included.
    [Scientific Reports]

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    UPK1B Promoted the Invasion and Stem Cell Characteristics of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells by Modulating C-myc/Sox4 Axis

    Uroplakin1B (UPK1B) was overexpressed or knocked down in the non-small cell lung cancer cells were. Next, the proliferation and invasion of those cells were detected with the EdU staining and transwell assays.
    [Tissue And Cell]


    Heterogeneity of Cancer Stem Cell-Related Marker Expression Is Associated with Three-Dimensional Structures in Malignant Pleural Effusion Produced by Lung Adenocarcinoma

    Cell blocks produced from lung adenocarcinoma patients’ pleural effusion were examined for cancer stem cell-related markers Nanog and CD133 using immunocytochemistry.

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    Snail Transcription Factors as Key Regulators of Chemoresistance, Stemness and Metastasis of Ovarian Cancer Cells

    The authors summarize published data that reveal Snail proteins not only as key inducers of the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in ovarian cancer but also as crucial links between the acquisition of ovarian cancer stem properties and spheroid formation.
    [Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta-Reviews On Cancer]

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    A Guide to Epigenetics in Leukemia Stem Cells

    Scientists discuss the key principles of deregulation of epigenetic processes that shape leukemia stem cells’ evolution. They also discuss efforts to identify mechanisms of resistance, by longitudinal analysis of patient samples.
    [Molecular Oncology]



    City of Hope, TGen Awarded Five-Year, $4.5 Million Grant To Advance Liquid Biopsy for Pancreatic Cancer

    City of Hope® and TGen are leading an international group that has been awarded $4.5 million to validate a liquid biopsy for the early detection of pancreatic cancer.
    [City of Hope]

    Press Release

    New mRNA Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Trial Starts Next Phase

    A new experimental approach to treating pancreatic cancer is progressing to the next step in making it available to more patients. After results from a small study, a phase II clinical trial has now opened to test the effectiveness of using an mRNA vaccine to fight one of the deadliest cancers.
    [Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center]

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    2023 North America Conference on Lung Cancer

    December 1 – 3, 2023
    Chicago, Illinois, United States

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    Postdoctoral Associate – Brain Tumor Research

    Baylor College of Medicine – Houston, Texas, United States

    Research Assistant – Leukemia

    University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center – Houston, Texas, United States

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    Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Prostate Cancer

    Cedars-Sinai – Los Angeles, California, United States

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