Cancer Stem Cell News Volume 4.02 | Jan 21 2015

    Cancer Stem Cell News 4.02 January 21, 2014

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    Antithetical NFATc1-Sox2 and p53-miR200 Signaling Networks Govern Pancreatic Cancer Cell Plasticity
    Scientists uncovered the inflammation-induced transcription factor NFATc1 as a central regulator of pancreatic cancer cell plasticity. They revealed that NFATc1 drives epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) reprogramming and maintains pancreatic cancer cells in a stem cell-like state through Sox2-dependent transcription of EMT and stemness factors. [EMBO J] Abstract | Graphical Abstract
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    PUBLICATIONS (Ranked by impact factor of the journal)
    Bruton Tyrosine Kinase Is a Therapeutic Target in Stem-Like Cells from Multiple Myeloma
    Investigators found that elevated expression of bruton tyrosine kinase in myeloma cells leads to AKT/WNT/β-catenin-dependent upregulation of key stemness genes and enhanced self-renewal. [Cancer Res] Abstract

    Twist1 and Snail Link Hedgehog Signaling to Tumor-Initiating Cell-Like Properties and Acquired Chemoresistance Independently of ABC Transporters
    Using well-established acquired chemoresistant cancer cells and chemosensitive KB cancer cells with artificially elevated hedgehog (Hh) pathway activity, scientists found that Hh pathway activity may transcriptionally control the expression of twist1 and snail, thereby maintaining the tumor-initiating cell-like properties and consequently the chemoresistant phenotype. [Stem Cells] Abstract

    Syngeneic Murine Ovarian Cancer Model Reveals that Ascites Enriches for Ovarian Cancer Stem-Like Cells Expressing Membrane GRP78
    Researchers demonstrate that ascites-derived tumor cells from mice injected intraperitoneally with murine ovarian cancer cells (ID8) express increased membrane GRP78 levels compared to ID8 cells from normal culture. [Mol Cancer Ther] Abstract

    Reactive Oxygen Species-Mediated Therapeutic Response and Resistance in Glioblastoma
    Using primary glioma stem cells (GSCs), investigators showed that cannabidiol induced a robust increase in reactive oxygen species, which led to the inhibition of cell survival, phosphorylated-AKT, self-renewal and a significant increase in the survival of GSC-bearing mice. [Cell Death Dis] Full Article

    Identification of Molecular Signature of Head and Neck Cancer Stem-Like Cells
    Scientists characterized genes that are modulated in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC)- cancer stem-like cells (CSCs) and can be targeted in future as potential therapeutics. CSCs were isolated from HNSCC cells and examined for tumorigenicity in immunodeficient mice. [Sci Rep] Full Article

    Potent Antitumor Activity of Oct4 and Hypoxia Dual-Regulated Oncolytic Adenovirus against Bladder Cancer
    Scientists showed that hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-2α and Oct4 were frequently overexpressed in hypoxic bladder cancer cells, and HIF-2α was involved in hypoxia response element-dependent and Oct4 transactivation. [Gene Ther] Abstract

    MiR-155 Targets TP53INP1 to Regulate Liver Cancer Stem Cell Acquisition and Self-Renewal
    Investigators show that miR-155 expression is up-regulated in tumor spheres. Knock-down of miR-155 resulted in suppression of tumor sphere formation, through a decrease in the proportion of CD90+ and CD133+ cancer stem cells and in the expression of Oct4, whereas miR-155 overexpression had the opposite effect. [FEBS Lett] Abstract

    Disequilibrium of BMP2 Levels in the Breast Stem Cell Niche Launches Epithelial Transformation by Overamplifying BMPR1B Cell Response
    Under physiological conditions, BMP2 controlled the maintenance and differentiation of early luminal progenitors, while BMP4 acted on stem cells/myoepithelial progenitors. [Stem Cell Reports]
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    EZH2 Protects Glioma Stem Cells from Radiation-Induced Cell Death in a MELK/FOXM1-Dependent Manner
    Researchers demonstrate that the catalytic subunit of polycomb repressive complex 2 (EZH2) is targeted by the MELK-FOXM1 complex, which in turn promotes resistance to radiation in glioblastoma-derived tumorigenic stem-like cells. [Stem Cell Reports] Full Article

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    Delivery of Therapeutics Using Nanocarriers for Targeting Cancer Cells and Cancer Stem Cells
    The authors discuss the different therapeutic strategies that have been employed using nanocarriers, their advantages, success in targeting cancer stem cells and the challenges that are to be overcome. [Nanomedicine] Abstract

    Bullseye: Targeting Cancer Stem Cells to Improve the Treatment of Gliomas by Repurposing Disulfiram
    Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are thought to be at the root of cancer recurrence because they resist conventional therapies and subsequently re-initiate tumor cell growth. Thus targeting CSCs could be the bullseye to successful cancer therapeutics in the future. [Stem Cells] Abstract

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    New Approach, New Hope: State Investment Will Fast-Track Innovative Roswell Park Research in Ovarian Cancer
    Researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute have received a grant of nearly $12 million from the New York State Stem Cell Science Program to develop new therapies for advanced ovarian cancer. [Roswell Park Cancer Institute] Press Release

    Verastem Doses First Patient in Phase I Clinical Trial Evaluating VS-5584 in Combination with VS-6063 in Mesothelioma
    Verastem, Inc. announced dosing of the first patient in a new clinical trial evaluating the combination of VS-5584, its dual mTORC1/2 and PI3K inhibitor, in combination with VS-6063, the company’s lead focal adhesion kinase inhibitor, in patients with relapsed mesothelioma. [Verastem, Inc.] Press Release

    NeoStem Receives Drug Manufacture License for Irvine Facility
    NeoStem, Inc. announced that the State of California’s Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Branch has completed its review of NeoStem’s manufacturing and control processes at its Irvine, California cGMP facility for the production of eltrapuldencel-T and has issued NeoStem a manufacturing license permitting NeoStem to manufacture drugs from this facility, including the manufacture of eltrapuldencel-T for clinical trial use. [NeoStem, Inc.] Press Release

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    NEW Cellular Therapy 2015 – 8th International Symposium on the Clinical Use of Cellular Products
    March 19-20, 2015
    Erlangen, Germany

    NEW EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Frontiers in Stem Cells & Cancer
    March 29-31, 2015
    Heidelberg, Germany

    NEW 2nd International Congress on Stem Cell and Cellular Therapies (ICSCCT)
    October 15-18, 2015
    Antalya, Turkey

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