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Dinaciclib Inhibits the Stemness of Two Subtypes of Human Breast Cancer Cells by Targeting the FoxM1 and Hedgehog Signaling Pathway

[Oncology Reports] Investigators aimed to examine the stemness‑inhibitory effects of dinaciclib in MCF‑7 and HCC‑1806 breast cancer cells.

Breast Cancer in the Era of Integrating “Omics” Approaches

[Oncogenesis] The authors investigated the correlation between different “omics” datasets and to define the new important key pathway and upstream regulators in breast cancer.

Delineating the Role of Osteoprotegerin as a Marker of Breast Cancer Risk among Women with a BRCA1 Mutation

[Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice] Scientists provide a review of the emerging preclinical and epidemiologic evidence implicating the dysregulation of progesterone-mediated receptor activator of nuclear factor κB signaling in the pathogenesis of BRCA1-associated breast cancer.

H3K27me3 Conditions Chemotolerance in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

[Nature Genetics] By monitoring epigenomes, transcriptomes and lineages with single-cell resolution, scientists showed that the repressive histone mark trimethylation of histone H3 at lysine 27 (H3K27me3) regulated cell fate at the onset of chemotherapy.

Progesterone Activates GPR126 to Promote Breast Cancer Development via the Gi Pathway

[Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America] Scientists identified a membrane receptor for progesterone/17-hydroxyprogesterone and delineated the mechanisms by which GPR126 participated in potential tumor progression in TNBC.

LINC00355 Regulates p27KIP Expression by Binding to MENIN to Induce Proliferation in Late-Stage Relapse Breast Cancer

[npj Breast Cancer] Researchers identified 1127 lncRNAs differentially expressed in late-stage relapse (LSR) breast cancer (BC) via transcriptome sequencing and analysis of 72 early-stage and 24 LSR BC patient tumors.