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Cancer Stem Cell News is an online resource that curates the top research publications and reviews about cancer progenitor cells and cancer stem cells.

The Insulin and IGF Signaling Pathway Sustains Breast Cancer Stem Cells by IRS2/PI3K-Mediated Regulation of MYC

[Cell Reports] Researchers reported that insulin/insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signaling supported breast CSC self-renewal in an IRS2-phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)-dependent manner that involved the activation and stabilization of MYC.

RhoC in Association With TET2/WDR5 Regulates Cancer Stem Cells by Epigenetically Modifying the Expression of Pluripotency Genes

[Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences] Cell lines and clinical specimen-based findings demonstrated that RhoC regulated tumor phenotypes such as clonogenicity and anoikis resistance.

Targeting Redox Regulation and Autophagy Systems in Cancer Stem Cells

[Clinical and Experimental Medicine] Investigators highlight the molecular mechanisms useful for expanding therapeutic strategies based on modulating redox regulation and autophagy activation to targets.

Personalis and UCSF to Study Clinical Utility of ctDNA for Treatment Response in Colorectal Cancer

[Personalis, Inc.] Personalis, Inc. announced a collaboration with UC San Francisco (UCSF) that will deploy a personalized liquid biopsy-based research use only assay for a study of patients with colorectal cancer.

Long Non-Coding RNA TDRG1 Aggravates Lung Cancer Stemness by Binding to Sox2 mRNA

[Environmental Toxicology] Scientists collected 3D non-adherent spheres as the CSC model to measure lncRNA TDRG1 level in lung CSC and the parental lung cancer cells, and found that TDRG1 level was significantly upregulated in lung CSCs compared to that of parental lung cancer cells

CD14, a Novel Surface Marker of Esophageal Cancer Stem Cells

[Oncology Reports] Investigators utilized paraffin‑embedded sections of human esophageal carcinoma and indicated that the ALDH1‑labeled esophageal CSCs expressed CD14 and primary CD14+ cells possessed the characteristics of CSCs.

Cyanidin Inhibits Glioma Stem Cells Proliferation through the Wnt Signaling Pathway

[International Journal of Neuroscience] Cyanidin significantly reduced the cell viability of all glioma stem cells, and exhibited the most substantial effect in GBM2 but no apparent effect in 293T cells.

High Percentage of Cancer Stem Cells in Metastatic Locations: Upregulation of cicBIRC6 in Highly Metastatic Breast Cancer Subline

[Molecular Biology Reports] In breast cancer, metastatic tumor cells have higher stem cell properties, thus the authors evaluated the expression of cicBIRC6 in these cells.

Heterogeneous Matrix Stiffness Regulates the Cancer Stem-Like Cell Phenotype in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

[Journal of Translational Medicine] Investigators provided new insights into the interaction between matrix stiffness, cancer cell stemness, and heterogeneity, while also providing a novel hepatocellular carcinoma therapeutic strategy.

NRP1 Inhibition Modulates Radiosensitivity of Medulloblastoma by Targeting Cancer Stem Cells

[Cancer Cell International] Neuropilin-1 receptor (NRP1) inhibition with a novel peptidomimetic agent, MR438, was evaluated with radiotherapy in medulloblastoma models in vitro on cancer stem-like cells as well as in vivo on heterotopic and orthotopic xenografts.

Interferon-Dependent SLC14A1+ Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Promote Cancer Stemness via WNT5A in Bladder Cancer

[Cancer Cell] A population of cancer-associated fibroblasts was induced by interferon signaling and confers stemness to bladder cancer cells via the WNT5A paracrine pathway.

Metabolic Determinants of Tumor Initiation

[Nature Reviews Endocrinology] The authors discuss how cell-intrinsic factors, such as the cell of origin or transforming oncogene, and cell-extrinsic factors, such as local nutrient availability, promote or restrain tumour initiation.

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