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    2022-07-13 | CSCN 11.27

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    Vol. 11.27 – 13 July, 2022

    The Interaction between DNMT1 and High-Mannose CD133 Maintains the Slow-Cycling State and Tumorigenic Potential of Glioma Stem Cell

    Investigators demonstrated that lower expression of MAN1A1 in glioma stem cells resulted in the formation of high-mannose type N-glycan on CD133.
    [Advanced Science]

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    CRIP1 Suppresses BBOX1-Mediated Carnitine Metabolism to Promote Stemness in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    Scientists reported that little characterized cysteine-rich protein 1 (CRIP1) was upregulated in hepatocellular carcinoma and associated with poor prognosis.
    [EMBO Journal]

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    PFKFB3 Regulates Cancer Stemness through the Hippo Pathway in Small Cell Lung Carcinoma

    Investigators found that PFK158 treatment and PFKFB3 knockdown enhanced the ABCG2-interacting drugs doxorubicin, etoposide, and 5-fluorouracil in reducing cell viability under conditions of enriched CSCs.

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    Microarrayed Human Bone Marrow Organoids for Modeling Blood Stem Cell Dynamics

    Researchers built a 3D in vitro model system of bone marrow (BM) organoids that recapitulated several structural and cellular components of native BM.
    [APL Bioengineering]

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    Blocking CDK7-Mediated NOTCH1-cMYC Signaling Attenuates Cancer Stem Cell Activity in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

    To determine the regulatory action of NOTCH1-cMYC signaling in CSC maintenance, scientists evaluated the effect of a selective NOTCH1 inhibitor, crenigacestat, on CSC capacities in anaplastic thyroid cancer.


    Photothermal Effect of Albumin-Modified Gold Nanorods Diminished Neuroblastoma Cancer Stem Cells Dynamic Growth by Modulating Autophagy

    The authors investigated the photothermal effect of gold nanorods on human neuroblastoma CD133+ CSCs via autophagic cell death.
    [Scientific Reports]

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    Circulating Tumor Cells Detected in Follow-Up Predict Survival Outcomes in Tri-Modality Management of Advanced Non-Metastatic Esophageal Cancer: A Secondary Analysis of the QUINTETT Randomized Trial

    Scientists prospectively collected circulating tumor cell data from patients with operable non-metastatic esophageal cancer from April 2009 to November 2016 enrolled in their QUINTETT esophageal cancer randomized trial.
    [BMC Cancer]

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    Analysis of Stem Cell Collections in Adult Patients with Ewing Sarcoma

    The authors analyzed 29 stem cell collections of 19 adult patients at a median age of 27 years mobilized after vincristine, ifosfamide, doxorubicine, and etoposide, dactinomycin, and ifosfamide chemotherapy.

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    Casticin Attenuates Stemness in Cervical Cancer Stem-Like Cells by Regulating Activity and Expression of DNMT1

    Scientists explored whether casticin suppressed stemness in cancer stem-like cells obtained from human cervical cancer and the underlying mechanism.
    [Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine]

    Survey results on the needs and challenges in the human pluripotent stem cell field

    Targeting Stem Cells in Myelodysplastic Syndromes and Acute Myeloid Leukemia

    The selective persistence of rare leukemic stem cells following therapy-induced remission implies unique resistance mechanisms of leukemic stem cells towards conventional therapeutic strategies and that leukemic stem cells represent the cellular origin of relapse.
    [Journal of Internal Medicine]

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    £1 Billion Invested in the Future of UK Discovery Science

    The Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK, and Wellcome have announced £1 billion of funding for the Francis Crick Institute helping secure the future of the UK as a scientific powerhouse.
    [The Francis Crick Institute]

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