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A Novel Hybrid Polymer of PCL/Fish Gelatin Nanofibrous Scaffold Improves Proliferation and Differentiation of Wharton’s Jelly-Derived Mesenchymal Cells into Islet-Like Cells

[Artificial Organs] In vitro studies showed, wharton’s jelly-derived-MSCs that differentiated in the 3D culture have strong properties of insulin-producing cells such as islet-like cells.

Laminin Matrix Regulates Beta-Cell FGFR5 Expression to Enhance Glucose-Stimulated Metabolism

[Scientific Reports] Using a genetically encoded sensor for NADPH/NADP+ redox state, researchers showed overexpression of FGFR5 enhanced glucose-stimulated NADPH metabolism in beta-cell lines as well as mouse and human beta-cells

Efficacy of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 and Estrogen Dual Agonist in Pancreatic Islets Protection and Pre-clinical Models of Insulin-Deficient Diabetes

[Cell Reports Medicine] Scientists studied the efficacy of a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and estrogen dual agonist (GLP1-E2) in pancreatic islet protection. GLP1-E2 provided superior protection from insulin-deficient diabetes induced by multiple low-dose streptozotocin and by the Akita mutation in mice than a GLP-1 monoagonist.

β-Cell Mitochondria in Diabetes Mellitus: A Missing Puzzle Piece in the Generation of hPSC-Derived Pancreatic β-Cells?

[Journal of Translational Medicine] Investigators highlight the role of mitochondria in metabolism secretion coupling in the β-cells and summarize the evidence accumulated for the implication of mitochondria in β-cell dysfunction in diabetes mellitus.

GH Action in Prostate Cancer Cells Promotes Proliferation Limits Apoptosis and Regulates Cancer-Related Gene Expression

[Endocrinology] The authors addressed the species specificity of growth hormone (GH)-GH receptor activity by investigating GH actions in prostate cancer cell lines derived from a mouse Pten deletion model.

Citrullination of Glucokinase Is Linked to Autoimmune Diabetes

[Nature Communications] Researchers showed the citrullination of pancreatic glucokinase as a result of inflammation, triggering autoimmunity and affecting glucokinase biological functions.