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Human Immunology News

Quantitative Investigation into the Influence of Intravenous Fluids on Human Immune and Cancer Cell Lines

[Scientific Reports] The effect of intravenous fluids exposure on single cells was characterized using hemocytometer, fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry

The Intraprostatic Immune Environment after Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Is Dominated by Myeloid Cells

[Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases] Freshly resected prostate specimens were processed to obtain single-cell suspensions, and immune-phenotyped for major lymphoid and myeloid cell subsets by staining with two separate 14-antibody panels and multicolor flow cytometry analysis.

Fc Gamma Receptors and Their Role in Antigen Uptake, Presentation, and T Cell Activation

[Frontiers in Immunology] Investigators cover the contribution of FcγRs to antigen-presentation with a focus on the intracellular trafficking of IgG-immune complexes and the pathways that support this function.

Immunotherapies and Metastatic Cancers: Understanding Utility and Predictivity of Human Immune Cell Engrafted Mice in Preclinical Drug Development

[Cancers] Pre-clinical immuno-oncology models for studying metastases have long been limited to syngeneic or carcinogenesis-inducible models that have murine cancer and immune cells.

The Cancer–Natural Killer Cell Immunity Cycle

[Nature Reviews Cancer] Investigators discuss how the role of NK cells evolves with tumor progression, presenting new opportunities to target NK cell function to enhance cancer immunotherapy response rates across a more diverse range of cancers.

Thymic Development of Unconventional T Cells: How NKT Cells, MAIT Cells and γδ T Cells Emerge

[Nature Reviews Immunology] Scientists describe the thymic development of NK T cells, mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells and γδ T cells and highlight some of the key differences between conventional and unconventional T cell development.