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Regulatory T Cells in Skeletal Muscle Repair and Regeneration: Recent Insights

[Cell Death & Disease] Tregsregulate homeostasis within the immune system and self-immune tolerance, and play a crucial role in skeletal muscle repair and regeneration.

The Impact of Inflammation-Induced Tumor Plasticity during Myeloid Transformation

[Cancer Discovery] Investigators describes a novel animal model carrying a recurrent TET2 missense mutation, frequently found in clonal hematopoiesis and leukemic patients.

Lipid Accumulation Induced by APOE4 Impairs Microglial Surveillance of Neuronal-Network Activity

[Cell Stem Cell] Scientists employed CRISPR-edited induced pluripotent stem cells to dissect the impact of apolipoprotein E4 in neuron-microglia communication.

Gilead Sciences to Acquire MiroBio

[Gilead Sciences, Inc.] Gilead Sciences, Inc. and MiroBio, a privately-held UK-based biotechnology company focused on restoring immune balance with agonists targeting immune inhibitory receptors, announced that the companies have entered into a definitive agreement pursuant to which Gilead will acquire MiroBio for approximately $405 million in cash.

A Conserved Bacteroidetes Antigen Induces Anti-Inflammatory Intestinal T Lymphocytes

[Cell Death & Disease] Tregsregulate homeostasis within the immune system and self-immune tolerance, and play a crucial role in skeletal muscle repair and regeneration.

Sanofi and Innovent Biologics Enter Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Development of Oncology Medicines and Expand Presence in China

[Sanofi] Sanofi and Innovent Biologics announced a collaboration to bring innovative medicines to patients in China with difficult-to-treat cancers. This strategic partnership demonstrates Sanofi and Innovent’s commitment to bringing high quality oncology medicines to patients in China.

Ribosome Impairment Regulates Intestinal Stem Cell Identity via ZAKɑ Activation

[Nature Communications] Using intestinal organoids and mouse models, scientists showed that upon ribosome impairment, driven by Rptor deletion, amino acid starvation, or low dose cyclohexamide treatment, intestinal stem cells gained a Lgr5-negative, fetal-like identity.

An Analysis of the Significance of the Tre2/Bub2/CDC 16 (TBC) Domain Protein Family 8 in Colorectal Cancer

[Scientific Reports] Researchers identified the role of TBC1 domain family member 8 (TBC1D8) as an oncogene in colorectal cancer (CRC) showing that TBC1D8 may independently predict CRC outcome.

Cholesterol Sulfate Alleviates Ulcerative Colitis by Promoting Cholesterol Biosynthesis in Colonic Epithelial Cells

[Nature Communications] The authors studied the functional role and underlying intestinal epithelial repair mechanisms of cholesterol sulfate in ulcerative colitis.

Intestinal Epithelial Responses to IL-17 in Adult Stem Cells-Derived Human Intestinal Organoids

[Journal of Crohn's and Colitis] Investigators found that organoid-forming efficiency, cell viability and proliferation of enteroids were decreased in proportion to interleukin-17A (IL-17) concentration.

Thymidine Kinase 1 Mediates the Synergistic Antitumor Activity of Ubenimex and Celecoxib via Regulation of Cell Cycle in Colorectal Cancer

[Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics] Scientists revealed that ubenimex and/or celecoxib exerted anti–colon cancer effects in vitro and in vivo, and the efficacy was significantly enhanced when the two drugs were combined.

The Metabolic Nature of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

[Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology] The authors review experimental and clinical evidence for the metabolic nature of gut inflammation in IBD and delineate distinct parallels to the inflammatory state in metabolic diseases.

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