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Cancer Stem-Like Cells Evade CD8+CD103+ Tumor-Resident Memory T (TRM) Lymphocytes by Initiating an Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition Program in a Human Lung Tumor Mode

[Journal For Immunotherapy of Cancer] Researchers supported the rational design of immunotherapeutic strategies targeting cancer stem cells to optimize their responsiveness to local CD8+CD103+ TRM cells for more efficient anticancer treatments.

FC Galactosylation of Anti-platelet hIgG1 Alloantibodies Enhance Complement Activation on Platelets

[Haematologica] Scientists found IgG Fc glycosylation of anti-HLA antibodies to be highly variable between patients with platelet refractoriness, especially with respect to galactosylation and sialylation of the Fc-bound sugar moiety.

Dissecting the Cellular Components of Ex Vivo γδ T Cell Expansions to Optimize Selection of Potent Cell Therapy Donors for Neuroblastoma Immunotherapy Trials

[OncoImmunology] Researchers characterized γδ T cell expansions from healthy adult donors and observe that highly potent natural killer lymphocytes expand with γδ T cells under zoledronate and IL-2 stimulation.

Infection-Induced Lymphatic Zippering Restricts Fluid Transport and Viral Dissemination from Skin

[Journal of Experimental Medicine] Scientists demonstrated that cutaneous vaccinia virus infection by scarification activates dermal lymphatic capillary junction tightening and lymph node lymphangiogenesis, which were associated with reduced fluid transport and cutaneous viral sequestration.

HLA Autoimmune Risk Alleles Restrict the Hypervariable Region of T Cell Receptors

[Nature Genetics] The authors investigated the influence of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) alleles on TCR composition at the highly diverse complementarity determining region 3, which conferred antigen recognition.

Mouse and Human Antibodies Bind HLA-E-Leader Peptide Complexes and Enhance NK Cell Cytotoxicity

[Communications Biology] Researchers reported the isolation of 3H4, a murine human leukocyte antigen E (HLA-E)-VL9-specific IgM antibody that enhanced killing of HLA-E-VL9-expressing cells by an NKG2A+ NK cell line.