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Jamie Kang

ER Stress Signaling at the Interphase Between MASH and Hepatocellular Carcinoma

[Hepatology] The authors propose that chronic endoplasmic reticulum stress is a common transversal factor contributing to the transition from liver disease to HCC. Interventional strategies to target the unfolded protein response in HCC as cancer therapy are also discussed.

Viral Hepatitis Is a Silent Killer. It Can’t Be Eliminated If It Isn’t Tracked

[Stat] By all accounts, the US should be able to eliminate viral hepatitis, but instead new cases are on the rise, largely due to the opioid epidemic and increasing viral hepatitis transmission through injection drug use.

Recurrent RhoGAP Gene Fusion CLDN18-ARHGAP26 Promotes RHOA Activation and Focal Adhesion Kinase and YAP-TEAD Signaling in Diffuse Gastric Cancer

[Gut] Scientists developed a model to study the function of a fusion protein in the pathogenesis of diffuse gastric cancer (DGC). Using organoids generated from this model, they evaluated its oncogenic activity and the biochemical effects of the fusion protein on the RHOA pathway and its downstream cell biological effects in the pathogenesis of DGC.

DHX9 Maintains Epithelial Homeostasis by Restraining R-Loop-Mediated Genomic Instability in Intestinal Stem Cells

[Nature Communications] The authors observed reduced DEAH-box helicase 9 (DHX9) protein levels in IBD patients, and mice with conditional DHX9 depletion in the intestinal epithelium exhibited an increased susceptibility to experimental colitis.

Chymotrypsin Activity Signals to Intestinal Epithelium by Protease-Activated Receptor-Dependent Mechanisms

[British Journal Of Pharmacology] Researchers deciphered molecular pharmacological mechanisms and gene expression regulation for chymotrypsin signaling in intestinal epithelial cells.

LPA5-Dependent Signaling Regulates Regeneration of the Intestinal Epithelium Following Irradiation

The effects of lysophosphatidic acid (LPA)5 on intestinal stem cells were corroborated by studies using organoids derived from Lgr5-lineage tracking reporter mice with deletion of Lpar5 in Lgr5+-stem cells. [American Journal Of...


Arginine Ingestion Inhibits Phagocyte Invasion in Eccentrically Contracted Rat Fast-Twitch Muscle

[Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility] Scientists investigated whether prior ingestion of L-arginine, a nitric oxide precursor, inhibited eccentric contraction-induced macrophage invasion.

KLF13 Promotes VSMCs Phenotypic Dedifferentiation by Directly Binding to the SM22α Promoter

[Journal of Cellular Physiology] The authors investigated the relationship between KLF13 and SM22α expression in normal and atherosclerotic plaques by bioanalysis, and observed a significant increase in KLF13 levels in the atherosclerotic plaques of both human patients and ApoE−/− mice.

Mitochondrial CypD Acetylation Promotes Endothelial Dysfunction and Hypertension

[Circulation Research] Researchers studied cyclophilin D (CypD) acetylation in patients with essential hypertension, defined a pathogenic role of CypD acetylation in deacetylation mimetic CypD-K166R mutant mice and endothelial-specific general control of amino acid synthesis 5 like 1–deficient mice using an angiotensin II model of hypertension.